How to grow seedlings of peppers and tomato from seeds

To get good viable seedlings of tomato and pepper, you will need soil - you can buy it at the store or make it yourself. To do this, in equal parts, combine soddy soil and humus, add sawdust, and peat in a small amount.

Prepare the seeds for planting. They should be soaked - take a saucer and put a piece of gauze on it. Dampen it with water, place the seeds on it and cover everything with another piece of gauze or a lid for 12 hours.

Terms of planting count depending on how the maturation of the seedlings is expected. In tomatoes, seedlings for transplanting into the soil should be grown 45-65 days. For early varieties of pepper, the growing period is 60 days, for late varieties - 75 days.

Plant seeds in boxes, the height of which should be about 12 cm, to a depth of no more than a centimeter. Pour warm water over the ground and cover with foil. Until the emergence of shoots, you can keep the boxes in any quiet place of housing.About a week later, when the first sprouting green leaves appear out of the ground, the boxes should be moved to the windowsill, closer to the light, and additionally highlighted with a light bulb. Especially a lot of light is required to pepper.

Watch the air temperature - at first the plants will be 14-15 degrees warm enough, after 7 days they will need 18-20 degrees during the day and 16 degrees at night. Water the seedlings should be moderately warm water.

When the first two true leaves appear, it's time to spawn the seedlings. Both plastic cups and peat pots are suitable for seating. During the transplantation, the main root can be pinched so that the root system is stronger.

A couple of weeks before planting in the ground, the seedlings are supposed to be hardened. To do this, ensure a gradual decrease in temperature to 14-15 degrees, and a week before planting, place the seedlings in the open air. To do this, it is recommended to equip a seating box on high legs in the garden or simply fix the legs of the old table in the ground and install a box with seedlings on the table top.

During the growth of seedlings, it is necessary to carefully monitor that the soil is not too wet or too dry, to provide good light and temperature conditions suitable for the age of the seedlings.With unfair care, you risk getting plants with sprouting stems and weak roots.

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