How to help yourself with a headache

Try to understand the reason.

If the cause of the headache is the onset of a cold, you should take a pill. In other cases, the decision on the need for medication, each must take their own. It depends on the nature of the headache and the individual characteristics.
If you often experience migraines, eliminate from the diet fast food, canned food, nitrates and monosodium glutamate. Eat more whole grains, nuts, leafy vegetables and seafood.
In some cases, the headache is caused by hunger and a lack of sugar in the body. Often this condition is accompanied by dizziness. Therefore, before you take a pill, remember when you last ate. If it was a long time ago, a snack will help to cope with the pain. Try to eat in small portions.
Sometimes the cause of the headache is dehydration. Drink a glass of mineral water. Immediately she will not help you, but will significantly ease the pain. Try not to allow this in the future.Do not forget to drink during the day, especially clean water, not only tea, coffee and juices.

What to do with a severe headache?

Ask a loved one to give you a head, neck, and shoulder massage. In stressful situations, these muscles overwork and cause headaches. If no one is around, gently knead your shoulders and neck. Massage the temples in a circular motion for 1-2 minutes. Try to do this massage as soon as the first signs of headache appear. This will help prevent its development.
Drink strong black tea with sugar. If desired, you can add lemon or mint leaf.
Take a hot bath. This will help to relax, especially if the cause of the pain is physical or mental stress.
Go for a walk. Walking and fresh air are very good for the body. If a headache caused a lack of fresh air, you will immediately feel relieved outside.
Try to sleep. If you are overworked, you definitely need rest. Lie in a quiet and dark room, sleep or just lie down for 1-2 hours.
Take a break. If you have low pressure, a cup of strong coffee can help you.In some cases, herbal infusions help. Brew chamomile, lemon balm or St. John's wort.
If the pain lasts for more than an hour and nothing else helps, drink painkillers. However, do not force your body pills all the time. If headaches often bother you, consult a specialist.

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