How to install games from the Internet to your phone

You will need
  • - Computer with Internet access;
  • - mobile phone;
  • - USB cable.
Find the game you want for your mobile phone. You can use your device or computer to search for available games on the Internet. Make sure the games are compatible with the phone's operating system.
Download the game from the manufacturer. It is often necessary to buy the application itself for a mobile phone before you can download it. However, there are sites that offer free games or demos. You can download games using both a computer and the browser of your mobile phone.
Make sure you have an unlimited data plan if you download games directly from your mobile phone, since data loading can be very expensive. After the download is complete, the mobile operating system detects new applications and prompts you to install them. Agree with the proposed menu and proceed with the installation.
Purchase a data cable for your phone when downloading a game using a computer. If your computer has Bluetooth, it can also be used for fast data transfer. After downloading the game to your computer, simply plug in the data cable and transfer the software to your mobile phone. Install the game after detection of its device.
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Mobile phone games have different file extensions. Some may not work with your mobile operating system. Always check the documentation of your mobile device to make sure that you are downloading the correct file.
Helpful advice
If your mobile phone cannot automatically identify the gaming software, find the folder where you saved the game and open it. This will start the installation process. If the installed game does not start, delete it and reinstall.
  • How to install the game is not a phone.

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