How to install sliding doors

You will need
  • - door leaf;
  • - assembly bar;
  • - set of guides and carriages;
  • - pens.
Install the top rail. Take the height of the canvas and add 79 mm to it. This distance should be from the floor to the mounting bar. Align the mounting bar with the level and secure it to the wall. Screw the guide profile to the timber using self-tapping screws. If you are going to install a plinth and a platband, then between the profile and the wall should remain 24 mm.
Insert the carriage mechanism into the top guide. On both sides of the rail, install the stops. By the time you mount the sliding system, all the finishing work must be completed.
Prepare the canvas. Install the mounting brackets on the upper end of the blade. On the brackets there are semicircular cuts, make sure that they are facing the wall. Install the mounting brackets without leaving any indentation from the edge of the web if you install a door with large glass.Using three screws, secure the second guide profile. It should be located exactly in the center, at the bottom of the web.
Install and adjust the canvas. Alternately slide the left and right brackets onto the carriage bolts, thus suspending the fabric. The washer and nut of the carriage adjustment bolt must be above the bracket. Tighten the nuts of both carriages to the brackets. Use a key to tighten the carriage adjustment bolts, making sure that there is a gap between the bottom edge of the door and the floor. Tighten the nuts.
Prepare the floor sector for installation. From the protrusions, remove 10 mm to the total height. Roll back or remove the web and install the lower guide sector. Achieve a coincidence (track the coincidence) of its longitudinal axis of symmetry with the axis of the door leaf. Provide a margin of 10 mm from the end of the web. Put the canvas in the closed position. At the same time move the guide sector to the lower profile of the canvas.
Alternate the "open" / "closed" limiter in turn and fasten them with the locking screw. Do not forget about the availability of the handle on each side of the door leaf.
Get down to assembling a decorative pencil case.Apply a moderate amount of glue to the ends of the finished parts of the case wall. Glue them and allow to dry completely. After that, glue the top and side walls of the pencil case to each other. After the assembled canister has dried, drill holes for its installation on its upper wall.
On the mounting bar, install the finished case and secure it with self-tapping screws. At the end of the installation, install the handles in the slots provided for this. If it was intended to use platbands, install them.

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