How to look at 92 at 50 - read the secret here

This granny in her not so young years remains healthy and beautiful!

How to look at 92 at 50 - read the secret here

We all want to be young, energetic and healthy as long as possible. But many people do not take any steps in order to realize the cherished dream. People come up with a lot of excuses so long as they do not go forward to their goal: they do not have enough money, then fitness classes seem very difficult, and there is not enough time for swimming and daily walks. However, among us there live also those who set themselves bold tasks and successfully perform them, thereby inspiring the others to great deeds!


Here, for example, take this woman - how old do you think she is? It is unlikely that you will be able to say even its approximate age, and the answer will not only surprise you, but will also serve as an excellent incentive to do yourself ... This lady has long practiced yoga, dances well and every day jumps rope.

And now attention: to her ... 92 years!

Phyllis Seuss feels well in her 92s and thanks a close friend for introducing her to yoga.“At first, I didn’t like the exercises at all, but later, in just 3 minutes of meditation, I realized that it was wonderful and gave vitality!” Says Phyllis.


In 50 years, a woman owned a business (clothing), while previously had no own business. After 20 years she began to study foreign languages, and then mastered yoga, gymnastics and began to dance tango. Seuss was not afraid and now is not afraid to try something new and unusual, even at first it seems that it's hard. “Experiments, the search for something new is always good and inspires new achievements! - tells Phyllis. “The main thing is to love yourself, to accept yourself as you are, and to do your favorite things.”

In the mornings, the grandmother jumps through the rope: first a minute, then two and so on until six full minutes! “I have been doing this for 2 years. Do not believe when they say that the rope is the enemy of the body. On the contrary, it gives life and excellent health! And it’s best to combine it with dance and yoga, ”says Seuss. And what, in your opinion, can prolong life and improve well-being? Share this woman’s success with your friends and try together what she does!

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