How to make a ball of paper

Balloons made from napkins or other loose paper will decorate the room at any time of the year. You can make a Christmas garland from them, decorate a photo zone or make a mobile for a small child. In this master class, I will show 5 options for how to make a ball of paper with your own hands with step by step photos.

Paper ball

Two-color paper ball with your own hands

Such a two-color ball can be used for room decoration or as a Christmas-tree toy. Colors can be very different.

Paper ball

We’ll make a ball out of white and blue paper.

shar-iz-bumagi (1)

Take an A4 sheet and fold it in half three times.

shar-iz-bumagi (2)

Two-colored paper ball with his own hands

Then take a compass or a round object of a suitable size and draw a circle.

shar-iz-bumagi (4)

shar-iz-bumagi (5)


shar-iz-bumagi (6)

shar-iz-bumagi (7)

We’ll fold the finished circles in half.

shar-iz-bumagi (8)

Apply a hot line in the middle with hot glue and glue it.

shar-iz-bumagi (9)

If there is no glue gun, you can use double-sided tape.

shar-iz-bumagi (10)


shar-iz-bumagi (11)


shar-iz-bumagi (12)

In the same way we glue together all the circles.

shar-iz-bumagi (13)

shar-iz-bumagi (14)

shar-iz-bumagi (15)

shar-iz-bumagi (16)

shar-iz-bumagi (17)

shar-iz-bumagi (18)

We connect extreme circles among themselves, forming the half of our paper ball.

shar-iz-bumagi (19)

shar-iz-bumagi (20)

Putting the second half of the ball, then take a thin wire

shar-iz-bumagi (21)

First, attach one half of the ball, then the second.

shar-iz-bumagi (22)

Fix better with hot glue.

shar-iz-bumagi (23)

shar-iz-bumagi (26)

shar-iz-bumagi (27)

shar-iz-bumagi (28)

shar -iz-bumagi (29)

Our paper ball is ready!

shar-iz-bumagi (30)

shar-iz-bumagi (31)

How to make a ball out of napkins

These paper balls will decorate the interior and will serve as an excellent decorative element.

A ball of paper napkins

For the manufacture of bulk paper balls need:

  • packing paper napkins;
  • scissors;
  • stapler;
  • round stencil;
  • pencil;
  • thread.

Take from 5 to 10 paper napkins, the more layers, the larger the size and the size of the final ball, but the laboriousness of the work increases.


We fold the napkins over each other. Take a round stencil. It can be as paper, which will need to be traced in pencil, and plastic or glass.


Solid stencil can be tightly attached to the paper, strongly push it.


On the napkins will remain a clear imprint on which you can cut circles, even without using a pencil.


Cut the circle using scissors. Conveniently cut all the layers of napkins at once, tightly pressing them together.


Fix the middle of the circles with a stapler - just one staple.


Make cuts along the edge of the circle, going to the center, no more than 2-3 cm.


We layer the napkin to give it a volume. Each "ray" can also be slightly bent.


The layers are divided into two parts - one part is bent one way, the other into the other. In the end, we get volume balls that can decorate any room.

A ball can be made of more dense paper than a napkin. They can be given shine or color using colored paper, paint or a shiny varnish.





The thread can be attached to a metal clip, which is located in the center of the ball. You can hang as one ball, and combine them into a garland.


How to make a big paper ball for decor

You can make a hanging paper ball from ordinary office paper, even used paper. A few scraps of the old rain, and the decoration will sparkle in the rays of light bulbs.

How to make a big paper ball for decoration

Materials for making a large paper ball: • A4 office paper - 6 sheets; • glue; • rain, • decorative tape; • scissors.

bolshoi-shar (2)

Each sheet of paper is folded in half (across). On each half draw a circle. We make it the maximum size that paper allows. To do this, you can use a compass, or just circle a round pencil.

bolshoi-shar (3)

Cut circles from each sheet of paper.We spend the diameter. Make a cut along the radius.

bolshoi-shar (4)

Fold the half of the circle in the "kulechek". Fix it with glue. You can wear a paper clip before the glue dries.bolshoi-shar (5)

From the second half of the circle, we also fold the cone. We glue it and fix it with a paper clip.

bolshoi-shar (6)

When the blanks dry, start gluing them together.

bolshoi-shar (7)

Gradually form a ball.

bolshoi-shar (8)

Cut the rain into small pieces.

bolshoi-shar (9)

Each is glued with glue and placed inside the elements of the paper ball.

bolshoi-shar (10)

When everything is dry, make a hole in any of the paper cones.

We pass through a decorative ribbon. We tie the ends in a knot.

bolshoi-shar (11)

Hang the finished ball. Thus, you can quickly and simply decorate the office.

bolshoi-shar (12)

bolshoi-shar (13)

Bright Kusudama paper balls made of paper

Such balls are made in the technique of kusdama by the method of folding modules from paper and gluing them together.

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