How to make a beautiful folder with your own hands

People are so used to folders that they rarely consider them as a gift, and it’s completely in vain, because the handmade folder can be a real masterpiece, such as folders by professional decorators: . A folder for documents with your own hands is, of course, troublesome and expensive. But if you make a beautiful unique folder yourself, then such a gift will definitely be remembered and will bring much joy to its new owner. In addition, with such a gift, you do not need to talk about silly signs that put a tough taboo on mirrors, knives and a lot of other useful and beautiful gizmos.

Gift folders for specific documents

The fact that a good-looking leather-bound folder can be presented to a business person is obvious. A pretty folder with a decoupage for a secretary is also a very appropriate gift, but also a folder outside the office is no less a cool gift. For example, at the wedding, a very memorable addition to money or household appliances will be a folder for a marriage certificate, made with your own hands.Such a gift will be stored for a very long time and will benefit, protecting an important document from dust and moisture. The style of such accessories should be very romantic, lace and ribbons, and even real feathers can be useful here, the field of fantasy is very wide.

The folder for the birth certificate is a very good gift for congratulating the newborn, because it is a beautiful replacement for a banal postcard, and a stylish, useful thing. The right gift and a folder for educational documents. The first graduation of children is still in kindergarten, but still it is better to start a depository for educational documents with obtaining a certificate of secondary education, however any graduation program, whether in a school or an institution of higher learning, will become a suitable occasion. It is worth paying attention that modern certificates, certificates and diplomas have a special format of plastic cards, besides you should not forget about inserts with grades. The optimal format is a folder with several internal pockets or compartments.

Family archive. Everyone in the family has a lot of documents, deceased relatives, photos, and other attributes of the family tree,keeping them in order is a tribute to ancestors and a positive example for future generations, so the organizer for the family archive should be good and convenient, with the most complete family tree on the front page or the main spread. Naturally, this is very personal, you can even say an intimate gift, so it is appropriate only for a close family member - a parent, child or spouse.

Types of folders and organizers.

Before starting to work, it is worth exploring the market for finished products, because the folder created on the basis of the factory one looks much neater and more presentable than the one made entirely from scratch. Using a workpiece does not cancel the fact that the folder is made by yourself.

So, the folders are of the following types:

  • Tablet - necessary for public speaking and recording on the weight. Finishing options: embroidery with ribbons or decoupage of the back panel, painting with acrylics, pasting with kraft paper, etc.
  • Folders, portfolios and folders with a zipper / button / elastic band - convenient portable folders. Again, they can be unikalizirovany using decoupage or painting, for this it is worth choosing models with a smooth, rather than a relief surface. Perfect gift for a student.
  • A corner - a thin storage for papers is several times denser than a file, it's too simple for a full-fledged gift, but a good way to practice doing folders yourself is to use the techniques of decoupage and painting.
  • Folder folder and side clip - most often used in offices, with proper design can be a good alternative to the cookbook, therefore suitable as a gift, a person who loves to cook. In addition to pasting with napkins, you can use more voluminous decorations, for example, gluing miniature sculptures of polymer clay (dishes plus cakes, sushi, pies, ice cream and other goodies). You can glue both individual elements and create real still lifes.
  • The recorder folder (on large rings) and the folder on the rings will be an excellent basis for the family archive, they can also be used for a “tasty good mood folder” when they stick chocolate bars and other sweets in the middle of the folder, accompanying them with cheerful inscriptions .
  • Folder with files - because in the middle of such a folder are already glued transparent compartments,it can be adapted for a romantic gift by February 14 (to decorate the outer parts with textiles, and in the middle to put joint photos, a herbarium gathered together, romantic poems, notes with confessions and other things dear to the heart). Also, this foundation is good for a marriage certificate and a birth certificate, because in addition to the main document, you can store marriage vows, wedding photos for the first version and the outlines of the pen and legs of the baby, the first photos, the cut curl for the second.
  • Folder box is an ideal solution for a family archive, because it combines the advantages of a folder and a chest.
  • Folders for collectors: numismatists (coins) and philatelists (stamps) - this base has convenient compartments, though it will be very difficult to make a worthy finish, because the ideal variant is a genuine leather with a thread on it.

Popular and simple ways to make a folder with your own hands

To create a folder, it is better to master the basics of scrapbooking - needlework for creating albums. Decoupage is simple, stylish and quite inexpensive.

Jeans will never go out of fashion - sheathing a folder with old jeans, so that the pockets are in the right places, not very difficult, not at all expensive and with a great result.Do not forget about lace, ribbons and other textiles.

A folder for papers with their own hands, requiring unique skills and perseverance Embroidery. It requires a lot of time and exposure, but the result is worth it.

Painted with acrylic helmets, it is not necessary to have an art school in the background, but you need to know the basics of color and composition.

Genuine leather or suede, leather carving is a gorgeous result in capable hands, but materials are expensive and difficult to work with.

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