How to make a child happy and self-sufficient

First of all, it is important how mom and dad relate to the birth of a child. Of course, the baby literally becomes the center of the universe for its parents, especially for the mother, because most often she spends more time with the child, and many mothers give up absolutely all their hobbies for the sake of caring for the baby. It seems to them that such sacrifices are justified, and that later the child will certainly be grateful for it. But in fact, it is absolutely impossible to do this A woman who gives all her time to a child and forgets about her own desires, after a while begins to blame her baby for the fact that she could not fulfill herself in other areas and did not become what she wanted. The child feels such discontent on the part of the mother, it puts a lot of pressure on him and makes it difficult to be happy.
No need to try to become an ideal mom, in the end it is impossible.This will only take a lot of strength and make you feel a constant voltage. A woman will compare herself with others, and she will focus on her shortcomings. With a disgruntled and always tense mother, a child cannot be happy.
Raising a child is a special work for which it is worth preparing, so that at crucial moments you should not fall for the child and not make him guilty of all the failures. The art of being parents is to be able to find a common language with your child.
No matter how old a child is, you should always listen to him. Thus, respect is expressed in relation to the baby, and it is necessary so that the child feels like a full-fledged person.
A child should not be pressured, he should always have the right to choose, which is worth respecting and accepting, no matter how difficult it may be. In the end, the child must live his life with his own mistakes, it will not make him unhappy.
Mom should be first of all mom. She is neither a friend nor a friend. Mom is much more and she should have parental authority that the child will feel and will not dispute.

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