How to make a daffodil with your own hands

It is interesting to observe how familiar and not quite attractive things easily turn into elegant, beautiful products, you just have to see the beauty inside them. And it is even more interesting to do these transformations with your own hands. For example, you can turn an ordinary carton from under the eggs into a real flower filled with extraordinary tenderness and charm - the narcissus.

The important thing is that such an ad hoc narcissus is quite simple to make and quite capable of by older preschool and school age. At the same time, if the narcissus made of paper or plasticine is not particularly strong, then the narcissus will stand out of the egg box for a long time without losing its shape.

 daffodil with your own hands

Narcissus with your own hands

For work we need one cardboard package from eggs, scissors, glue, paint and a brush.

Let's go.

 Noted the contours of the petals

Marked contourspetals

From the sides of cardboard cells, we cut out six identical oval parts sharpened from both ends. These will be the petals.

Also cut the circular base (bottom) of a single cell.

 Cut the petals and the middle

Cut the petals and the middle

To him gently, in a circle, glue the petals. To make the process faster, we use polymer glue or PVA glue, which are more durable than regular stationery adhesives.

 Hooked the petals

Hooked the petals

Then carefully cut out a fragment of the package that separates the neighboring cells between each other.
 Cut the partition

Cut the partition

nyshko to the core of the flower.



Cut out a flat piece of packaging in the form of a prism, the base of which is cut into narrow strips, not bringing the cuts to the opposite edge.There are flower stamens that we paste inside it.

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