In accordance with the Eastern calendar, the upcoming 2018 is the year of the Yellow Earth Dog. This animal is characterized by kindness, special intelligence, caution, generosity, the ability to carefully plan their affairs and achieve their goals.

This article presents 15 master classes with step-by-step photos of how to make a dog with your own hands - these are children's crafts and decor items, and even table decoration for the New 2018!

Do-it-yourself dog

Every year, people are interested in the answer to the question - what to give for the New Year this time? Since 2018 is the year of the Dog, the first thing that comes to mind is, of course, the dog itself! Most children dream of a puppy, a little faithful friend. So why not make this holiday unforgettable for them? Of course, not everyone has such a desire or opportunity. In this case, you can choose or make your own hands with other gifts featuring dogs.

To protect the dog reigning in the comfort of the house, choose as a gift any textile items, such as plaid, pillows or bed linens. Consider, however, that the coming year of the Yellow Earth Dog, therefore, choose warm earthy colors - of course, yellow, golden, brown and red.

There are many different options: soft dog toys, pajamas with their images, slippers shaped like this animal and many other individual things.

Do-it-yourself dog photo


How to make a dog with your own hands


01. Christmas dachshund from salt dough

A cheerful dachshund, which brings joy and a New Year's mood - perhaps, this is the most actual souvenir for the coming 2018. It is also a good way to please your family and friends with an original handmade gift. By the way, it will take a minimum of materials and time to make this dog.

Dachshund with your own hands

Work requires:

  • universal dough;
  • knife;
  • rolling pin;
  • gouache paints;
  • paint brushes;
  • universal varnish;
  • decorative items.

Sculpting Dachshund

First you need to draw a sketch of the tax in full on a piece of paper. Figure cut and cut protruding parts (ears, tail). In the end, you will get some kind of incomprehensible creature, but don't let that frighten you.

Roll out the dough into a layer 3-4 cm thick. On the resulting cake, put a stencil and cut along the contour. Remove all excess dough into the bag, it will come in handy soon.

taksa (1)

With a wet brush, smooth out all the angular sections along the contour and moisten the dog's face completely. From the two small balls of dough, roll up the ovals and place them on the face at the top. Make a nose out of a small ball.

taksa (2)

With a sharp blade or a knife, make a transverse dent in the eyes to make the eyelids. Also, with a knife, make a small incision to form the dog’s open mouth.

taksa (3)


From a large piece of dough, form a sausage with one narrowed edge. With a thin side, attach the sausage to the slice on the head immediately after the eyes.Use your fingers to gently smooth and pinch the junction. Palm slightly flatten the sausage along its entire length. Thus, the dachshund has a long, wide ear.

taksa (4)

Make a three-dimensional triangle out of a small piece of dough, then bend it slightly to make it look like a Santa hat. Moisten the bottom of the hat with water and stick the dachshund directly on top of the head. Use a knife or a toothpick to make a wide strip of "fur" below. Attach a dough ball to the sharp edge of the cap.

taksa (5)

Now take another piece of dough and roll it out or knead it with your fingers to a thickness of 0.5 cm. Cut a simple Christmas tree shape out of a cake with a knife. Stick a New Year tree on the edge of the back of the dog, instead of a tail. You can also make a small relief tree with a knife.

taksa (6)

Under the Christmas tree we place a garland of small balls at the same distance from each other. We dry the finished work.

taksa (7)

Painting New Year's Dachshund

The main part of the dachshund is painted in the color of ocher, i.e. dark yellow. While the main color is not dry, darken the edge of the ear and part of the back brown.If yellow is still wet, there will be no obvious junction with brown, but a smooth transition will result.

taksa (8)

When the base has dried, we color the main colors with a hat, a Christmas tree and a garland. We paint our eyes in white.

taksa (9)

When all the previous layers are dry, fill the eyes of the dachshund with black.

taksa (10)

We finish the finished dog with a glossy lacquer, and after it dries, we complement the Christmas tree and garland with the decor. I used rhinestones on a glue base, they hold well and do not have to bother with glue.

taksa (12)

taksa (13)

New year dachshund is ready! The author of this workshop is Olga Olefirenko.

taksa (14)

taksa (15)


02. How to make a dog out of colored paper

How to occupy your child to distract from watching TV or computer games? Of course, fascinating handiwork. Kids always welcome new experiments with paper or other understandable and accessible materials. And if the subject for copying to make some interesting object, then the work will be even more exciting. Step by step master class, see here.

How to make a dog out of colored paper

sobaka-iz- tsvetnoj-bumagi-03 (7)

sobaka-iz- tsvetnoj-bumagi-03 (12)

sobaka-iz- tsvetnoj-bumagi-03 (15)

sobaka-iz- tsvetnoj-bumagi-03 (19)

03. Paper dog do it yourself for the little ones

In this master class, another version of dog paper modeling is proposed. The basis of crafts will become a cylinder or a roll of toilet paper. Creating animal figurines in this way is a great way to develop the creative abilities and spatial imagination of a child.


In this scenario, you can later make a cat, a cow, a sheep, a mouse and many other animals. Each type has its own distinctive features, they must be shown on paper. What a dog looks like, everyone knows, but how to make a copy of it in the form of crafts?

To create a paper dog figurine you must have:

  • a roll of toilet paper or a sheet of thick cardboard of any color;
  • brown corrugated paper (if you have a brown cardboard for making rolls, then you can not use corrugated paper);
  • scissors;
  • stapler and glue;
  • pencil;
  • pens;
  • small color paper cutouts in addition.

Prepare a cylindrical billet - the basis of the dog's torso (head and torso). A cardboard roll of towels or toilet paper, or a sheet of cardboard rolled up into a tube. If you use a sheet, then it is better to fix it with a stapler, and not with glue.



To highlight the ears of a dog, make a dent at the top of the cylinder. Press your finger on top of the side wall, first on one side, then press in the same way, but on the opposite.

There will be a notch (upper part of the head), and there will be sharp ears on the sides. Lubricate one part with glue, stick the second one on top so that the paper remembers this position.


Cover the paper part with brown crepe paper. The texture of the material is suitable for imitating the animal's fur.


Cut out from the usual brown and white paper in addition small blanks: round eyes and cheeks, oblong legs. These paper fragments will be needed in order to complement the desired figure and turn it into a toy dog.


Bottom to the cylinder glue 2 tabs.Lubricate the glue strips on the legs, move under the cylinder and turn up. Ahead make a muzzle, having attached eyes with pupils and cheeks. Draw shaggy on brown kruglyashki using a pen.


Place your tongue under shaggy cheeks. Puppies often expose the tongue when they are hot or they rest. Apply a black dot to the tip of the nose. On top of the round eyes, put brown cuttings from corrugated paper to cover them, like with eyebrows, then they will not be so prominent.


Also on the cylinder (the part where there should be a trunk), attach a strap with a medal. Attach a thin tail from the back, cutting it out of plain brown paper.


An interesting paper craft in the form of a dog for children is ready. The author of this master class is Elena Nikolaeva.


04. Do-It-Yourself Pillow

This pillow will be a wonderful gift, how to make it look here.

podushka-sobachka-svoimi-rukami (1 )

podushka-sobachka-svoimi-rukami (12 )

podushka-sobachka-svoimi-rukami (19 )

podushka-sobachka-svoimi-rukami (22 )

05. Christmas dog from plasticine do it yourself

Very soon, various toys in Santa Claus costumes will appear on store shelves. After all, the new year is just around the corner. And the main symbol of 2018 is a dog. And in this master class, we are blinding a Christmas dog from plasticine in a red suit of the main wizard of the New Year's night.

New Year's dog from clay with our own hands


To mold a dog, we need only plasticine of different colors. We start with sculpting the head. The dog will be brown. But you can make it in a different color.

We roll the ball. And immediately smooth out all the bumps so that the toy is smooth and neat.


This is the head. And then blind white face. And from white clay for this also roll the ball, but a little smaller brown. Sculpt a muzzle to the head of a dog.


Of black plasticine we form a spout. This is a small triangle, one side of which should be slightly rounded. And the corners themselves are not sharp.


Sculpt ears.They are elongated flat droplets.


We sculpt ears to the head of the dog. You can raise one of them a little. So the dog will look more interesting.


It remains to blind eyes for a muzzle. And with this we finish making out the face and move on to the body.

We make two flat white circles. They should be small. We mold them to the head. And on top we stick black smaller circles. Eyes ready. And the toy muzzle is fully framed.


Blind the Christmas hat for the dog. It will be red. On the bottom we make a white stroke. To do this, we roll up a thin sausage and stick it along the edge of the cap.


We put a hat on the head of the dog and blind the small ball as a pom-pom.


Let's start modeling the coat. First we make a trunk out of red plasticine. And immediately we attach it to the dog. You can insert a short wand into the body and insert the other end into the head of the toy. Then the body will hold tight.


In the place of the neck, we also stick to the white stroke. We stick it on the bottom of the coat. Also make a whitish strip on the fur coat in the middle.


We make small red droplets. These are sleeves. We sculpt them to a fur coat. And from black plasticine we roll small balls. These are the feet themselves. They stick to the bottom of the sleeves.


We sculpt from the brown plasticine hind legs in the form of small sausages. We stick them to the bottom of the coat. Also from red plasticine blind valenochki. They stick to the hind legs.


We roll up small white sausages and stick them to the junction of legs and felt boots.


Plasticine Christmas dog is ready! The author of the master class is Anna Moiseeva.


06. Pencil case with his own hands in the form of a dog

How to make such a pencil case - see the master class.

penal-v-forme -sobaki-svoimi-rukami (1)

penal-v-forme -sobaki-svoimi-rukami (10)

penal-v-forme -sobaki-svoimi-rukami (12)

07. Christmas tree toy - a dog of cotton pads

In kindergartens, preparation for the morning performance begins long before the cherished date.Still, with the kids, you have to learn poems and round dances, decorate the room, including homemade toys and garlands. Incredibly fabulously look at the windows of snow-white appliqués. The Christmas tree hung with children's crafts looks very touching.


For work, you must prepare:

  • scissors;
  • four cotton pads;
  • a piece of white, green and red paper
  • glue;
  • needle and thread;
  • 12 cm ribbon.


At the beginning we glue a ribbon to the cotton pad. This is a loop, with which the child hangs a homemade toy - a dog on a Christmas tree. If there are no ribbons in the house, it doesn’t matter, it will be easily replaced by a thread, a yarn for knitting or a clothespin.


Then we take out another cotton pad, lubricate it along the contour and glue both parts together, hiding the unsightly edges of the eyelet, so as not to fray.


Came the turn to arrange the dog's ears. Cut the third cotton pad in half and round the corners at the bottom.


We carry out the same procedure with the upper corners of the ears with crafts, and at the end we slightly narrow the details by cutting off two strips from the inside of the halves of cotton disks.


Glue the elements to the craft. It turns out a lop-eared dog.


Now we will issue the animal cheeks. To do this, go through the center of the fourth cotton pad with a needle and thread, collect the drape. It turned out a bow with uneven halves, but soon we will correct this misunderstanding.


Close the white thread with a satin ribbon. The edges of the fabric can be fixed with glue or thread with a needle. In any case, the edge of the ribbon is located on the back side of the bow, it is not visible.


Glue the cheeks in the form of a bow to the head crafts. Already a pretty face appears.


The eyes of the dog will issue of white and green paper. Glue them to the cotton pad, slipping them under the cheeks.


Demonstrate the Christmas tree close-up. However, the odd job is not ready yet.


Add a snow-white dog with a brown nose and a red tongue. These parts are cut out of paper, although buttons or fabric would look more interesting.


It remains to hang New Year's decoration from cotton wool on our Christmas tree. It seems to be quite good. Tomorrow we will take the dog to a kindergarten.



08. Amigurumi dog with his own hands

kak-svyazat-sobaku-kryuchkom (11 )

How to tie such a toy - see the master class here.

Crochet dog

kak-svyazat-sobaku-kryuchkom (12 )

09. Bookmark for books in the form of a dog with your own hands

Children love making various paper crafts. Especially those that they can use in everyday life. Therefore, today we will make a simple bookmark corner for the book. And as the coming year will pass under the sign of dogs, we will make a bookmark in the form of a dog. Detailed workshop here.

zakladka-dlya-knig -v-vide-sobaki (1)

zakladka-dlya-knig -v-vide-sobaki (11)

zakladka-dlya-knig -v-vide-sobaki (12)

zakladka-dlya-knig -v-vide-sobaki (14)

zakladka-dlya-knig -v-vide-sobaki (15)

10. Suspension - small felt dog

In this master class, we will make the suspension of a small dog made of felt.

Suspension - a small dog made of felt

We will need:

  • paper and pen;
  • scissors;
  • felt (beige, brown, orange, black)
  • chalk pastels of reddish or light brown color, red;
  • glue Moment Crystal or any other colorless;
  • three blue beads and one orange;
  • needle and brown sewing thread;
  • The hook.

We draw a dog on a piece of paper or download a contour drawing from the Internet.

sobaka-iz-fetra (1) Cut out. sobaka-iz-fetra (2) We apply to the felt and circle.

sobaka-iz-fetra (3) It is better to circle with a small indentation so that when cutting the line from the handle, the size of the dog does not turn out to be too small.

sobaka-iz-fetra (4) Cut out the dog and the following elements: ears, tail, specks of brown felt, spout of black, bow of orange. Sewing brown thread is added in 4 pieces and we knit a chain of air loops.Small elements can be cut from the main part of the dog, then attached to the felt, circle.

sobaka-iz-fetra (5) Glue the spout and string of air loops.

sobaka-iz-fetra (6) Close the eyelet loop, glue the tail, collar with a bow.

sobaka-iz-fetra (7) On the transparent glue, we plant three blue beads at the location of the eye, an orange one on the bow. Distribute the "specks" on the body of the dog.

sobaka-iz-fetra (8) Any stitches mimic the mouth (brown thread). Take the brown pastel and rub the areas between the brown "specks", ears, tail.

sobaka-iz-fetra (9) Red pastel draw language.

sobaka-iz-fetra (10)

sobaka-iz-fetra (11)

A felt pendant is ready!

sobaka-iz-fetra (12)

11. Roller from drafts in the form of a dachshund with your own hands

valik-ot-skvoznyakov-svoimi -rukami (21)

Detailed master class - how to make such a roller from drafts, see here.

valik-ot-skvoznyakov -svoimi-rukami (21) -01

12.DIY doggy from scrap materials

It is time to decorate the Christmas tree with balls, bows, garlands. It can be purchased toys or hand-made. In general, making Christmas crafts is the most exciting thing for the whole family. See a master class on how to make such a Christmas toy with your child here.




A dog with your own hands from scrap materials

13. Crochet toy dog ​​

In this master class, we will tie a small dog with a crochet. This toy can be presented for the new year to your friends. The dog turns out small and fit very quickly. Details here.

Crochet dog

14. Pack in the form of a dog

It is time to think about how we will pack Christmas gifts and sweets. Make a bag in the form of the main character of the future New Year.

upakovka-sobaka (1)

Must prepare:

  1. white and brown colored paper
  2. sachets;
  3. glue.

upakovka-sobaka (2)

Bend the corners of the package.

upakovka-sobaka (3 )

Make another fold, as in the photo.

upakovka-sobaka (4)

Cut out blanks - ears, nose, eyes and tail.

upakovka-sobaka (5)

Glue the ears and nose.

upakovka-sobaka (6)

Then the eyes and tail.

upakovka-sobaka (7)

upakovka-sobaka (8)

upakovka-sobaka (9)

Packing for gifts in the form of a dog is ready!

Packaging in the form of a dog


How to decorate a table for the New Year 2018

When creating the New Year's menu, give preference to meat dishes, use different types of them and diversify the feed. Let the meat ingredients are present not only in the main dish, but also in salads, snacks. The dog will appreciate all your meat delicacies.

15. Master class - how to decorate the table for the New 2018.



How to decorate a table for the New 2018 year

Detailed master class, see here.



One of the most important and beloved holidays is the New Year. Adults and children are looking forward to this festive atmosphere. While waiting for his offensive, the obligatory occupation is the decoration of the house, which allows creating a fabulous atmosphere in the house and, of course, a joyful mood. To do this, you can hang garlands, adding this brightness to the house. Children will happily want to cut out snowflakes and decorate windows with them.

When decorating the house, pay special attention to the details that correspond to the New Year of the Dog. Since this animal is playful, the room must be made bright. The color palette of the decor should be the same as in the selection of gifts, and the choice of green or blue will not be superfluous. Do not limit yourself to the use of garlands, their presence in various rooms and a balcony is welcome. The main rule - the brighter the better!

By decorating the front door, you can traditionally use a festive wreath, which you can both buy and make yourself. DIY decor is very popular. On the Internet you can find many workshops,which will help to make the interior and atmosphere of your home unique, using the most ordinary, available materials. In addition, children can also be attracted to this activity with ease.

Do not forget to decorate the windows, which will delight with its beauty not only you, but also people on the street. Draw fabulous images on them, stick snowflakes or other images from paper.

The eastern horoscope promises us that the coming year will differ in the absence of unpredictable situations. Therefore, feel free to set yourself different life goals, do not be afraid to dream, start a new business, which everyone put in a long box - the Earthen Dog will be on your side and will help with this.

Video lesson on creating dog toys from pompons

Handicraft from plastic bottles

Super Towel Dog

This concludes the creation of a New Year’s dog.

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