How to make a lizun at home?

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How to make a lizun at home?

From time immemorial, everyone knows that the best gift is a gift made personally. Accordingly, if you want to make an exclusive toy with your own hands, spend a few hours of free time creating an unusual creature - a lizun. But how to make a lizun at home?

What is lizun

Lizun is a very interesting thing that delights not only children, but also adults. The consistency of it resembles a thick jelly, and its main feature is the ability to stick to everything with which it comes into contact, without leaving a trace when it is lagging behind.

How to make lizuna at home

In order to make a homemade lizun, you will need several hours of free time and the following ingredients:

  • fresh PVA glue, the date of manufacture of which should not exceed 2 months
  • Zelenka, potassium permanganate, or any food dye to give the lizun the necessary coloring
  • 20% sodium tetraborate, also known as borax or borax
  • boiled water at room temperature.

To prepare the solution, one tablespoon of sodium tetraborate is dissolved in one glass of boiled water. In another glass, mix the glue, boiled water and dye, stirring occasionally, bring the mixture to a homogeneous state and add the solution, increasing the speed of stirring until the consistency is thick and gel-like. At the same time it is necessary to ensure that the lichen was not excessively liquid or solid. At this process of creation is completed, you can proceed to field trials!

Possible errors in the cooking process

Sometimes it happens that a toy turns out too soft, as a result of which it is not possible to give it the necessary shape, or too hard, because of which it does not stick to surfaces. Often the reason lies in non-compliance with proportions or insufficiently vigorous and prolonged stirring. Therefore, if the first time you did not succeed, do not despair and experiment - it is inexpensive and easy.

How to care for lizunom

Now that you know how to make a homemade lizun, you also need to learn how to properly care for him.If you follow some recommendations, you can significantly extend the life of the toy.

First, it is not recommended to subject the lizun to long-term exposure to fresh air or high temperatures, since under such conditions the substance quickly loses its properties. At an early stage, you can correct the situation by adding water, but with prolonged exposure to the above factors, the toy cannot be restored.

Secondly, the lizun must often be subjected to all sorts of physical exertion, since without them it quickly loses its elasticity.

And finally, if, despite all the measures taken, the toy still has fallen into disrepair, you should not be upset - there is always the opportunity to make a new homemade lizuna.

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