How to make a pigtail "spike"

Classic pigtail "spike"

To begin with, make a straight parting in the middle of the head and comb your hair well. Separate a small order on the left and right of the parting, combine them into one, and then divide it into three equal strands.It is best to rub a little styling gel or water into the strands so that the hair does not break up when weaving and you can tighten the spikelet even tighter.
Put the right strand on top of the center one, then in the same way put on the last left strand, as if overlapping them with each other a cross on the cross. At the same time try to tighten the strands tighter.
Hold the resulting pigtail with one hand and take the new right strand with the other hand. Swirl the last on the central, then take the left strand and also overwhelm it on the central, and so on. Continue to weave, until you collect all the hair in the "cone", and secure it with an elastic band.

Pigtail "spike" in the tail

For this hairstyle you need to smoothly comb the hair in a tight tail on the back of the head.Slightly pull the elastic down and make a small hole above it between the hair.This hairstyle will give you a very romantic look.
Turn your tail through the bottom (as if inside out) and stretch it into the hole, so that it would be above the rubber band. This will be the basis for the spit. Separate three small strands from the top of the tail and braid them like a classic pigtail, and at the end secure it with an elastic band. To hide the latter, you can twist it with a thin strand of hair and fix it invisible.

Pigtail of the "spikelets"

This hairstyle is suitable for owners of wavy hair, although it will look great on straight lines. In the area of ​​the bangs, separate the two broad strands on the right and left sides. Each of them braid in a classic pigtail "spike". Try to weave them so that they are approximately the same width and not much different from each other.
Stretch each pigtail along the head and connect them to the back of the head. Take a thin strand of the remaining hair and wrap it around the elastic to hide it, then fix it with an invisible one.

How to weave a "half hair"

The "semi-hair" differs from the usual pigtail "cone" in that the strands spin only in the direction of hair growth, while the strands on the opposite side remain intact.Part of the hair is also left free. Then use a rubber band, clip, tape or decorative hairpin to fasten the end of the pigtail so that it does not break up.

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