How to make a watch

To begin with, making a watch with your own hands is absolutely easy. The basis of these watches can be a special watch mechanism, the skeleton of a Chinese alarm clock or just plain ugly, long-tired old watches. The main thing is that the clock mechanism was working, and had the accuracy of the course. Still, we make the most real hours, according to which you will compare time, and not just decoration. The arrows can be taken as attached to the mechanism, as well as from somewhere taken. And if none of the existing hands will approach the new watch, you can try to make it yourself. Such homemade arrows will only add originality to the finished product.
Bored wall clocks can be restored using the decoupage technique
The outer part of the homemade watch may look completely different. A polished piece of wooden board with divisions applied on it, a plastic circle covered with decoupage, an old plate, an embroidered canvas and much more. In this regard, your imagination can not be the limit. A clock mechanism is mounted behind the decorative element.Holes for the release of the mechanism must be drilled strictly in the center of future hours. Do not forget to put something under your decorative base when drilling, so that it would not accidentally burst in the process. Slide the pin of the mechanism into the hole. Attach the mechanism to the base; this is best done with glue or liquid nails.
For the nursery, you can make a clock in the form of a wooden hut from your favorite fairy tale.
Make sure that the mechanism only slightly protrudes behind the home-made watches. If you want to hang the clock on the wall, you will have to take care of suitable hinges or holes. They should be made taking into account that the clock is hanging straight, unless the designer's idea does not imply any special curvature of the future watches.
Put the arrows on the protruding pin of the clock mechanism. Insert a battery in the watch or start them. All is ready.

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