How to make a wood floor

You will need
  • -lags
  • -blach
  • - nails
  • brick or concrete
  • - waterproofing
  • heat insulation materials
With any method of installation, before layingfloorCover all installed logs and fires with antifungal impregnation and dry thoroughly. Install the floor of the thick block at least 40-50 mm. Plains should be planed and cropped. In some cases, set the block with grooves that lie flat, without forming cracks.
If the room is flat, then measure all the blocks according to one size. In uneven rooms, each block must be measured separately before installation.
Make a flat concrete screed and set the logs at a distance of 50 cm from each other. The leveling of the installation of the lag and subsequently block the level. If necessary, install up tofloorwearable wooden pads. Fix the entire structure with at least two hundred nails.
If the entire area of ​​the room can not be installed draftfloorand concrete screed due to the presence of a basement or underfloorYou can install lags in the form of a lattice on concrete or brick pillars. The distance between the lags make 40-70 cm, depending on the thickness of the lag itself.
Always follow the rule in which you set the chopping blocks in the direction of the main movement, and vice versa - across.
In some cases, logs can be installed on strong wooden poles impregnated with antiseptic and installed in the ground with insulation. Lay the chops on them. This method of installation is still widely used in the construction of small cottages and alterationfloorand in old houses.
If you want tofloorwarm enoughfloor, then on the inside of the basement, cover the blocks with waterproofing and attach thermal insulation material over it.

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