How to make paper wheels

How to make paper wheelsHow to make paper wheels. Needlework for children.

Often parents work with kids to make entertaining crafts from plain paper or cardboard. If these are ordinary little animal figures, then it is easy to cope with their creation. But if, for example, a machine is chosen as a craft, then here you will have to work to make the model as reliable as possible. An interesting site recommends to read the article how to make toys out of paper for children, do it yourself.


The car, as you know, has round wheels, which are easiest to make from the same material from which the model of the car as a whole is made. To do this, take a thick cardboard and with a compass draw a circle of the appropriate diameter. Such circles need four pieces. Their diameter needs to be determined, having considered the car to which such wheels will be attached.


Take sharp scissors and carefully cut out the paper wheels. Then they need to be expanded and using pencils or markers to try to make the circles look like a real wheel.Draw tires, protectors, try to make them as close as possible to the original.


You can also try painting the wheels, like a car, or painting it with varnish, because with this method the model will become more durable. Just wait for the paint to dry properly. Please note that for greater certainty the wheels should be painted on both sides.


To make them spinning, try to punch a small hole in the center of the circle with a manicure scissors. Take the rods from the wire, gently tuck into the holes in the center of each wheel. Secure them with pliers on the outside.


Attaching wheels to a paper car, make sure that they are all located on the same level. Next, insert the other end of the wire into the holes made in the car and fix the wheels. It is very convenient to fasten the wire, which should be quite tough, using pliers.


It is also necessary to leave a small part of the axis of the wire free, so that the wheels can freely scroll. Check if they rotate easily.

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