How to merge two layers

You will need
  • Free program Gimp installed on your computer.
Create a layered image in Gimp. To do this, open the picture through the menu "File", "Open." Find the file on your computer and click on the "Open" button in the dialog box. Repeat the procedure for the second picture. Let the first drawing be the base.
In the edit window of the second image, select the item “Copy visible” in the “Edit” menu. Go to the editing of the framework and perform the "Edit" - "Paste As" - "New Layer". In the layers window, located on the right side of the screen, the name of the newly inserted one will appear.layer. Transition betweenlayerDo this by clicking the right mouse button on the name of the one you want to activate. Close the second drawing that is no longer needed without saving.
Activate the top layer and go to quick mask mode. To do this, click on the dotted frame located in the lower left corner above the status bar. The image will be covered with red "Film".
Set the background color to black and the main color to white by clicking on the small squares next to the color indicator. Select the "Gradient" tool in the panel. Set the normal mode. Set the shape of the gradient, for example, radial. Click on the field opposite the word “Gradient” to open the type list and select “Primary to Transparent”. Adjust the remaining parameters according to your needs, checking the result of their actions.
Build a gradient from the center of the image to the edge. To do this, place the cursor in the middle, press the right mouse button and, without releasing it, draw a line to the edge of the window. The central part of the picture will be colored, the edge will remain reddish. Disable quick mask mode by clicking on its icon again. There will be a round selection.
Select the menu item "Invert" in the "Selection" menu. Click the Delete button. Outer part of the toplayerwill retire, revealing the base.
Glue twolayerin the following way. In the Layer menu, select Merge With Previous. Now the picture with a smooth transition is one layer. Remove selection: “Selection” - “Remove”.
To save your work, click “Save As” in the “File” menu.Specify the name, type of file to be saved and its location. Click “Save”. For the compressed jpg format, choose “Export” and “Save”.

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