How to open the door to Gazelle

How to open the door to Gazelle photo yellow gazelleHow to open the door to Gazelle

The cargo gazelle has two doors, located on the right and left sides of the cabin. The all-metal van and passenger Gazelle are additionally equipped with a side sliding door and a rear double hinged door.


Open the door to Gazelles



To open the cab door from the outside, pull the handle. Doors are equipped with locks. The left (driver's) door is locked from the outside with a key. To do this, insert the key into the lock switch and turn it. From the inside, the doors are locked and locked. To do this, click on the button located near the rear bottom corner of the side window. Pull this button up to unlock and open. To open the cabin door from the inside, pull the handle located on the inside of the door panel towards you. Make sure in advance that the lock button is raised.


The metal body has two more doors: the side on the right side and the rear double door. To open the sliding side door from the outside, pull the handle on the back of the door towards you.Immediately after this, use the front handle to slide the door against the travel. To open this door from the inside, stand to it sideways (so it is more convenient) and pull the handle located in the front part of the door. The back of the door is pushed outward with the palm of your hand and immediately after that, use the handle on the front of the door to slide it effortlessly. Use the same handle to close the door from the inside.


Another way to open the sliding door from the inside: lower your foot on the footrest, knead the door with your knee. Pull the handle, located on the front of the door, towards you, slightly pushing the door out. The door opens instantly. When leaving the passenger compartment, pay attention to the top, so as not to hit your head on the upper fastening of the door.


The side sliding door can be electrically operated. To open or close such a door, it is necessary to press the button on the driver’s instrument panel, on the remote control keyfob or on the button in the passenger compartment. In emergency order, the door can be opened manually.


Rear double door folds outward. The doors open 180 degrees with a lock when opened at 90 degrees. Use locks in the same way as the car door locks.To open the left rear flap, turn down the knob located at the end of the door. Then pull the door towards you. After that, open the right flap. To close the door leaves, first close the right door, then slam the left door. At the same time, the door lock should snap.


Useful tips on opening the doors of Gazelle:


  1. It is strictly forbidden to drive a car with the doors open or loosely closed.
  2. When driving with a tightly closed door, a characteristic knock is heard.

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