How to organize a home office

Use space efficiently

�Such workplaces that cannot be adapted for anything else are well suited for the workplace, therefore, choosing a place for your home office, pay attention to niches, uncomfortable corners, etc. On the Internet, in particular, there are many examples of how people organize their home office in a closet or on a balcony.

Consider how many lockers and shelves for storing materials and papers you need - and add a couple more. This will be your space for development. Empty space under the table can also be used for storage, but do not get carried away - the legs should also be placed.


Make the workplace interesting

Work at home should be as pleasant as possible, it has a good effect on productivity. On the other hand, it is important not to overdo it so that photo frames, figurines and house plants do not become a hindrance.

Think about what you like and how to add it to your home office design.Love art - place on the wall in front of you several reproductions of paintings or photographs. You can make a collage of personal photos, magazine clippings with dreams and plans, a travel map is inspiring and allows you to distract and relax for a few minutes. And we don�t need more!

If the furniture for the home office is usually dark or light, the chair - this is what you can recoup. It does not have to be an office chair, it is better to choose a comfortable chair with armrests with bright upholstery instead.


Arrange wires

If you work at a computer, then the problem of the wires you probably know. They are always confused, they occupy all the free space on the table and under it, they are lost, etc.

When planning a place for a working office, consider where the equipment will be interconnected by wires, and prepare holes in the shelves. It is very convenient when the cables from the computer to the printer and the scanner pass under the table and not on top of it.

Stick to all wires tags and sign them, so you will spend less time looking for the right. And get a separate drawer for removable cables.

Determine what length of wires you need, but do not cut off the excess - fasten the skeins better. So the wires will take up less space and look neater.


A little more brief tips for home office:

  • keep away all the entertainment;
  • if you have small children or pets, consider how your workplace will be closed from them;
  • the seat and table should be comfortable.

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