How to organize drip irrigation in the country

The system of drip, or point, irrigation is easily mounted. Such watering several times will help save water consumption. In addition, the same method can be applied and root dressing plants, in this case, the savings of fertilizers is also obvious.

With drip irrigation, all moisture is distributed evenly and precisely under the plant root. The soil does not dry out, and there is no stagnant moisture in it. Point irrigation reduces the risk of crop diseases, as some of them develop when water gets on the leaves, but in this case this does not happen.

Installation of drip irrigation system

Before buying all the components for drip irrigation, you need to draw a plan of the site where you plan to use this system. It is important to consider how many rows of plants are in this area and how much distance between them.

If there is no water supply at the site, you must also purchase a container that will serve as a water tank.A regular barrel or tank will do. Capacity should be installed at a height of 2 meters above the ground and protected from direct sunlight.

Next from the tank lay the trunk plastic pipe or hose, which is placed in front of the plot with beds. In this pipe it is necessary to make holes in front of each row of plants where drip tapes are inserted and stacked along the rows. In this tape, you need to make holes that will be next to the plant.

For drip irrigation, medical droppers are perfect, the plastic end of which is inserted into the pipe, and the wheel on it will regulate the flow of water and fertilizing.

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