How to pick an employee

First, determine for yourself the requirements that you will make to your new employee and the conditions on which you will hire him. Accurately formulated requirements will facilitate your selection of candidates for the vacant position. Think about what kind of work you need a specialist and clearly answer it, you can even formulate and put these requirements on paper, so you will save yourself time later.
If this vacant full-time place, then there is nothing to think about - read the job descriptions, which should be drawn up for each full-time unit. If this is not a formally written document, then you can use it when drafting an application to the recruiting service and when meeting a newemployeewith the range of responsibilities that he will have you perform.
In addition to the standard necessary functions, pay attention to those related to the specifics of your enterprise, so if it is located outside the city, then the candidate should have his own car.In general, all requirements can be formulated in a few words: work experience, skills, personal qualities. You will attribute some of them to the main ones, and some to the secondary ones.
Analyze the wage market. You must understand that a good specialist can be attracted only by a good salary. To do this, you can use the analytics that is periodically published in the media, it often contains the necessary information, but if you still have not found information about the salaries of specialists of this profile and level, then refer to the Internet. Look at the resumes of such specialists and the vacancies offered by employers. Find the "golden mean" that you can offer your employee.
When hiring a newemployee, pay attention to all its qualities: professional, business and personal. They all play an important role, because you do not want the moral foundations of the newemployeewent against the corporate culture of your company, since in this case one can hardly count on his zeal.

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