How to plant cucumbers in open ground

It is very important to know when and how to do it correctly. Since cucumber is very sensitive to frosts, does not tolerate them at all, but loves heat, and we must focus on this indicator. Accordingly, in different regions of Russia it is necessary to sow cucumbers at different times.

For example, in Moscow, the Moscow region, as well as Chelyabinsk or Ufa, which are approximately at the same latitude, the danger of frost usually passes June 10, then it is best to plant cucumbers. Given that the growing season of cucumber is approximately 50 days (so much time passes from sowing to the appearance of the crop), the first cucumbers will appear on the branches on August 1. And frosts in the autumn can come on September 10. Consequently, the gardeners in stock 40 days to collect the fruit.

Since with proper care, cucumbers are tied up pretty quickly, you can have time to harvest a good harvest. If you pick cucumbers every three days, new ones will increase, and you will get 13 fees.The same principle of calculation applies to any latitude.

For example, in Yekaterinburg and Perm, stable and warm weather begins around June 15. Then you can safely plant cucumbers in open ground. It turns out that the harvest can be collected 5 times.

And in Sartov or Voronezh, the danger of frost is past 10 May. Autumn frosts usually occur on the 20th of September. So in these cities and nearby regions, cucumbers are planted 16 times when planted in the ground.

Well, in the south, for example, at the latitude where Rostov and Krasnodar are located, it is already warm on April 10, and there are usually no frosts in autumn until October 10. Therefore, the crop can be harvested 43 times. Of course, every year the picture may change slightly. So it is better to sow cucumbers in any case not earlier than the specified dates, and one or two days later.

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