How to plaster ceiling

You will need
  • - dry plaster mix
  • - perforator
  • - beacons
  • - trowel
  • - rule
  • - level
Before plasteringceiling, prepare it for work: blur, if it was painted whitewash, or remove the old wallpaper, if it was pasted over. After that, dry the surface and cover it with the “Concrete Contact” primer, which will give the ceiling a rough surface and allow the solution to stick to it.
Toceilingit was even, plaster it on the beacons using the 150 cm aluminum rule. Do not use long rules because it is inconvenient in work. It will rest onceiling, and thus prevent you from removing excess plaster from it.
Using the level, find the lowest point on the ceiling and beat off a straight line with a cord, from one edge of the ceiling to the other. Then put a thick solution every 10-15 cm on this line. Put the first beacons along the ceiling so that there is a gap of 8-10 cm between the beacons and the wall - this is necessary for the rule to work.Then set parallel beacons at a distance of 80-100 cm from each other.
Attach a beacon on the slides of the solution, lightly lightly on it and level it. Expose the next beacon so that one part of the level lies on the finished beacon, and the other part of it lies on the one you expose. The level should be set clearly in the middle of the level. Do (loomed) so allceilingand let it dry. When the solution hardens, it will strengthen the beacons, and you can safely begin to plaster.
Dilute the dry plaster mix, as written on the bag, using a perforator, let it stand, and again mix everything thoroughly. Mentally, select an area equal to one square meter and using a trowel (a spatula with a handle on top), spread the solution onceilingso that the entire designated area is covered with a mixture without gaps. Then put the rule to the beacons and, moving it on itself with undulating movements, remove the excess mixture. If the solution does not cover the surface sufficiently, add it and drag it again with the rule.
Thanks to the beacons you can easily cope with the plaster of the ceiling and achieve a flat and smooth surface. Further dryceiling, pat it with coarse sandpaper and prime it with deep penetration primer.
In order to plasterceiling, ensure your height. Make goats or use the table. Be careful when working with the solution, wear rubber gloves and goggles.

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