How to properly care for the skin of the face in the city

The very first and perhaps the most important point that many women forget about when caring for their face is tap water. The state of the water in the city is very changeable and depends both on the utilities and on you personally. The easiest way to solve the problem with poor quality water is to put special cleaning filters on the faucet. But what if there is simply no such opportunity? The answer is one - consider the quality of the water. If the water from the tap is really bad, then try to soften it and neutralize its harmful effects on the skin with the help of special tools. You can soften the water by diluting it with a decoction of chamomile or calendula or insisting on silver for several hours.
The next item on skin care is moisturizing. Many people know that the skin should be moisturized, especially in the summer and in the heat. But many forget that the air in the city is more dirty. And, if you live in a megacity, then you should moisturize your face every day.Moisturize the skin should not only special cosmetics, but also leveling the climate in the house. If you have dry air - get a humidifier. Do not forget that if you drink a little simple water, your skin also suffers from a lack of moisture.
Massage. How strange it does not sound, but in the city your skin lacks massage. Outdoors and outside the city, the skin is more beneficial effect, and the skin relaxes and rests almost by itself. In the city, on the contrary, dirt and dust, exhaust fumes and even car noise adversely affect the skin. Therefore, do not neglect the relaxing self-massage of the face before bedtime. After water procedures and applying cosmetics, gently massage the face, smooth out wrinkles, if any, and lightly tap the fingers with your fingertips.

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