How to put update 1c

Insert the update CD into the drive; this disk usually contains two folders: setup (the usual installation of the new version of the program) and uptsetup (the update of the existing version of the program). Open the updsetup folder and launch the program by double-clicking the setup.exe icon.
Click the "Next" button in the welcome screen. The program will ask you to select the template folder in which you want to install the appropriate files. The value of this field should not be changed, the program will search for updates automatically. Click "Next".
In the next window, uncheck "Open delivery description" and click "Finish".
Run the 1C program in the configurator mode. In the "Configuration" menu, select "Open Configuration", the window of available configurations will open.
Open the “Configuration” menu again, in the “Support” item select “Update configuration”.
In the “Configuration Update” window that opens, select the “Search for available updates” radio button and click the “Next” button.In the next window, select the paths that will be searched and click Next. In the list of found updates, select the option with the highest number and the word “update” in brackets, click “Finish”.
A window appears with a description of the update to be installed, click "Continue update". Then click OK, the analysis of the structure of the available information can be quite long, wait a few minutes. If you install the latest release, answer the question “Update database configuration” and answer “Yes”; if you install an intermediate release, answer “No” and continue the updates (repeat step 4 for subsequent intermediate releases).
For the final update of the infobase, run 1C: Enterprise.

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