How to replace the fuel pump

You will need
  • wrench for removing the terminals, a wrench for 17, a ratchet with a head for 7 and 10, a Phillips screwdriver, a new unit with a gasoline pump and a gasoline level sensor
Release the trunk.
Remove the carpet.
Remove the rear seat of the car. To do this, remove the plugs and, using a ratchet, remove the bolts.
Raise the free edge of the noise insulation under the seat.
Unscrew the cap screws that cover the fuel pump using a cross-head screwdriver.
Remove the cover. Right under the hood is the top of the fuel pump module. The module itself is immersed in the gas tank and pressed around the perimeter with nuts and a ring. Attached to the power supply wires of the fuel pump and gasoline level sensor.
Clean the dirt and dust around the pressure ring to prevent it from entering the gas tank.
Disconnect the wires from the module.
Start the car in order to relieve pressure in the gas line.
Disconnect the battery.
Unscrew the pipes of the gas line using the key 17 and move them to the side.
Unscrew the nuts along the perimeter of the pressure ring using a ratchet and a head for 7.
Remove the pressure ring.
Remove the fuel pump module from the gas tank.
Carefully drain the fuel into the gas tank.
Take the new fuel pump module.
Insert the module into the opening of the tank. Start with the float of the gasoline level sensor.
Put on the pressure ring. To do this, lightly push the module and fasten the bolts with nuts to hold the ring.
Make sure that at this position of the fuel pump, it will be possible to insert and fix the pipes of the gas line.
Tighten the clamping ring nuts one at a time.
Insert and tighten the gas line tubing.
Connect the wires.
Connect the battery and start the car.
Ensure that no fuel leaks from the connections.
Close the lid.
Return the rear seat to its original position.

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