How to rewrite from a dictaphone

A digital voice recorder to overwrite files into a computer first of all needs to be connected with the included cable to the USB port of the machine. If necessary, manually transfer it to the computer connection mode (how to do this is stated in the instruction manual).
If the device is recognized as a flash drive, simply transfer data from it to the folder you need on your computer’s hard drive. This can be done both in Linux and in Windows. You can find out in which of the folders the sound files are located in the recorder itself from its instructions.
If the voice recorder is not recognized as a flash drive, a special program is needed. Unfortunately, in Linux it may not work, even with the Wine emulator. You can get a program for working with a voice recorder either on the website of its manufacturer, or on the disk attached to the device.
Further, your actions depend on the file format. If the voice recorder records sound in one of the generally accepted formats (Vorbis OGG, MP3, WMA), you can listen to the recordings without recoding.If you do not have a player program for AMR format, you can listen to them by transferring them to a cell phone. If the device uses a special format developed by its manufacturer, you will have to use the program for recoding. It can also be taken either on the manufacturer’s website or on the disc attached to the recorder. Most transcoders work not only on Windows, but also on Linux with the Wine emulator.
In somevoice recorderx (in particular, cassette) the ability to connect to the USB-port is completely absent. It will have to be connected to the sound card, and the rewriting process will be long. To do this, solder a cable consisting of two jack plugs of 3.5 millimeter diameter. Connect their contacts with the same name. In order to avoid interference, it is advisable to make the cable short, not longer than half a meter. Connect one of the plugs to the outletvoice recorderdesigned for headphones, the other - to the line input of the sound card.
On the computer, run the mixer program (how this is done depends on the operating system). Turn on the line input in this program and set the corresponding controller to maximum. On the recorder, setvolume to minimum Start playback, and then slowly increase the volume until distortion appears. After that, slightly reduce it so that the distortion disappears.
On the computer, run the Audacity program. If you have Linux installed, you most likely already have one.

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