How to save money in the family?

Svetlana Rumyantseva

The crisis crept unnoticed. From a terrible word, he turned into a real problem, to which the Russians were not ready. What to do if there is a catastrophic lack of money, and health and strength disappear in everyday work and part-time work? Learn to save. Budget planning is a real science, the basics of which you have to grasp.

Family budget and crisis

The family budget is a responsible business that requires consideration and planning. To understand where and on what to save, find out what money is spent on. For clarity, make a habit of keeping track of the budget, not in your head, but on paper. Be sure to write:

Revenues. When calculating, consider all sources of income in the family: salary, pension, scholarship, money from additional sources of income.
Costs. In this column you need to highlight a few points:

Mandatory expenses: taxes, utilities, credit and mortgage, food, essential goods, clothing.
Arbitrary expenses: a trip to the planetarium, a concert, the purchase of household appliances, furniture.
Unexpected expenses.

How to save money in the family?

First analyze the income and expenses for the past month. How many have you made rash and unnecessary purchases? This method will allow not to repeat mistakes in the future.

Before starting to budget, determine the planning period: week, month, year. The most convenient way to start with a month. Regardless of whether you keep records of income and expenses on paper or on a computer, organize the records. Then you can see the budget picture for the year and make a plan for a longer period.

Immediately discuss with family members what the budget will be.

Total budget - includes the income and expenses of all family members, taking into account the needs of each in equal proportions.
A separate budget is appropriate if there are no children in the family. Each spouse has its own income and expense graph, independent of each other.
Mixed budget - consists of two parts: the general and personal. Each family member participates in the preparation of the general part of the budget, leaving part of the income for their own needs.

Save 10-30% of your income on unforeseen expenses. If in the past months there are no such, do not make hasty conclusions. Think about what you will repair a suddenly broken computer orcar? And if one of the family members is sick? Spending on drugs during a crisis is a serious blow to an unprepared budget.

What can you save?

When you make a plan, consider which of the expenses you really need. In difficult times of crisis it is important to give up rash luxury.

Luxury is those purchases that are not worth the big expense. For example, daily dinners in a restaurant, buying expensive branded items instead of budget options. And what to do if luxury has long been over, and money is still not enough? Once again go through the list of costs.



The cost of food is the main item of expenditure in the family budget. I want to eat every day and not as horrible, but tasty and useful.

How to save money in the family?

Food savings do not mean an unplanned diet or a hunger strike. Eating right and satisfying at no extra cost is the goal of good planning.

Expensive does not mean quality. When choosing, look not at the beautiful wrapper, but at the composition of the product. In stores you will find identical in quality products, but different in price. The case in the package: the brighter it is, the more money is spent.
Look for discounts and promotions. Sometimes they bring tangible benefits to the buyer, but often turn out to be a false trick of marketers. Carefully read the terms of the promotion and discount programs before buying goods.
Before going to the store make a clear shopping list. Do not take more money than required. So you just give up unnecessary temptations.
Think in advance about the terms and conditions of storage of purchases.

Keep track of shelf life. Choose fresh products.
Replace imported goods with domestic ones. Give up expensive cheeses, overseas vegetables and fruits.
You will pay more if you take sliced, washed and packaged products.
In winter, it is cheaper to buy frozen fruits and vegetables.
Discard meat fillet. Buy large pieces of meat. Having processed them independently, you receive ingredients not only for the second, but also for first courses.
Beef, pork and lamb, if necessary, replace chicken. It is cheaper.
Prepare semi-finished products yourself. You are able to stick dumplings, cutlets on your own, make stuffing or freeze vegetable mixes.
Discard the finished product.Homemade food is healthier and cheaper.
Make pickles and jams on your own, dry fruits and vegetables.

Household chemicals and cosmetics.

This section is most relevant for the beautiful half of humanity.

How to save money in the family?

It's time to think about what you really need from the usual purchases, and what you should get rid of.

Expensive, advertised cream, mousses, lotions, replace with natural oils and baby cream. The skin will be noticeably healthier.
Use soap to get rid of serious dirt.
Special cleaners replace soda.
Replacing expensive air fresheners - essential oils. Used economically, and the smell is more pleasant.
Save on potent household chemicals: remove dirt and stains immediately after they appear.
Dose shampoos, gels, conditioners. If you use large tubes, the temptation to squeeze more money than you need is great.
Use grandma's methods. Frozen decoctions of herbs will help to save on expensive creams.
Do not buy ready-made face masks. Make them yourself out of scrap materials.


You always look neat and beautiful.Prices for things are growing, and it's becoming harder to buy a fashionable new thing, and old things are gradually becoming worthless. We have to look for more affordable stores, and to treat clothes more carefully than before.

On the basic things are not shamefully fork out. Things for one season without a twinge of conscience buy in drains and on sales.
Choose natural fabrics, they wear long, look expensive and have a beneficial effect on health.
Do not give up second-hand, there you can buy high-quality branded clothing at low prices. At the flea markets you will find interesting vintage accessories to create unique images.
Make a list of necessary things. If you need pants, and your son warm mittens, it is pointless to buy a skirt and a baby cap.
Carefully read the labels on clothes. From washing, ironing and drying depends on how long the item will last.
Shopping clothes on the Internet is cheaper than in the store.
Take only suitable things in size, so that unsuccessful new things do not gather dust in cabinets without work.
Buy wholesale essentials: tights, socks, and underpants.
Check the quality of seams, locks and lining before making a purchase.

How to save money in the family?

Utilities services

When paying utility bills, savings are possible on services with a non-fixed cost. Meters help to significantly reduce the cost of electricity, gas, water.


If you are nocturnal, think about two-tariff meters. Check out the prices for electricity consumption day and night. In some regions, the double tariff advantage is clearly palpable.
Old household appliances consume more electricity than the modern one. If you have long wanted to change the grandmother's refrigerator, do it as soon as possible.
Do not leave the TV, printer, microwave, electric kettle or chargers on the network. Even when turned off, they continue to consume energy.
Use energy-saving lamps. They cost more, but they consume much less energy and work incomparably longer than incandescent bulbs.
Watch the light. Turn it off where nobody needs it.
Insulate windows and doors in winter. Heating devices consume too much electricity.


Eliminate all leaks. If you want to save on water, the tap should not drip.
Use water saving nozzles.
Washing and dishwashers of the new generation consume water extremely economically, unlike you. Let the laundry rinse and wash the dirty plates to specialists, if you have them.
Do not allow water to flow idle. Brush your teeth? Turn off the tap!

Internet and cellular

Calculate how much you spend on conversations. This amount can also be reduced.

For all family members, select a single operator. Find a favorable tariff within the network and make calls to close ones at the lowest price.
Unlimited Internet will replace paid calls and SMS.

If calls on the Internet are not the way out, and distant relatives are far from civilization, reduce the time of communication by phone.

A few more tips on saving your family budget.

Set the daily spending limit. Do not try to create too narrow a framework. Restrictions should not infringe the needs of your family.
Get a piggy bank. The one that must be broken to get the accumulated money. Throw in the rest of the trifle. Over time, the emergency reserve will turn into a decent amount of money that you spend in your pleasure.
Give up new loans and loans if you do not want to get into the debt trap.

Be honest. During the crisis, financial issues are particularly acute. Shortcomings cause quarrels and conflicts in the family, and sometimes lead to the ruin and loss of property. Survive a difficult time easier together.
Excessive fanaticism in matters of economy will not bring happiness to the family. Do not deprive yourself and loved ones of joy. Accounting for every penny makes a person petty and quarrelsome. Stay human, do not let the crisis kill high human qualities in you.
Check out social benefits and benefits. Find out what limits of the subsistence minimum per person are set in your region, you may fall into the category of families who are entitled to social benefits.
Do not be zealous with side jobs. Having exhausted the body with loads, you risk losing your health and performance. The crisis will go away, but the old form will not return. Take time to rest and spend it with your family. Close people are a reliable support and support. Share your warmth with your family, and life will no longer seem so gray.
Get creative with your financial problem. Turn the process into a game.Victories will inspire you to new exploits, and the crisis will be a time of experimentation and internal exploits. Difficulties discipline, temper and give an indispensable life experience.

How to save money in the family?

What can not save?

On the quality of goods

Saving is not buying unnecessary cheap stuff, but finding a good thing at an affordable price.

To health

Be sure to maintain the right diet, otherwise you risk paying your whole life for excessive savings. Do not delay with going to the doctor if there is a feeling of anxiety malaise. Preventing disease is easier than curing.

Allocate money to buy funds that strengthen immunity. Prevention during the cold season is more profitable than buying expensive medications.

On the small joys

Pleasure is useful for raising the general tone and mood, but not too often.

The crisis is not forever. As time passes, the economy adapts to new conditions. Treat the situation with understanding, and the crisis period will pass for you with less losses.

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