How to secure a pet in the country

If you just brought a cat to the cottage, do not let it go for a walk around the site immediately. First, get her into the house, let him get comfortable. It is best if the pet will be on a leash the first hours on the street.

Next, the animal needs to determine the place. For example, to build a large aviary from the grid. There, the animal will sit almost all day and feel safe. If you do not have a large area, then it is enough to select a corner in the hallway. There put the tray for needs.

Do not let the animal mark the territory anywhere, otherwise it may harm your crop (urine contains a secret that burns the roots of the plants). Remember that cats love loose and dry soil, so in important places keep the soil moist. You can also make a net fence. Make a shelter for the children's sandbox.

Treat wool with anti-flea drugs (and it is better to wear a special flea collar). Inspect the ears and nose for ticks.

Make sure your pet does not leave its territory! First, she may get lost. Secondly, your neighbors are unlikely to appreciate the presence of an animal in their beds. Yes, and may well attack stray dogs.

Cats love to bite plants, many of which can be poisonous. What to do? For example, plant catnip (or another harmless plant) in the country and show it to your pet. So the cat will remember that you can bite weed. And of course, while the animal is in the country, refrain from using various chemicals. Best of all take them away!

Surely your cat will love some tree and will begin to regularly sharpen claws about it. The plant must be protected by tying the trunk mesh or overlaid with boards. And when you see a cat on the top of an apple tree, do not meddle with it! When she wants, she will come down!

Close the well, the country toilet, so that the pet does not fall there.

At night, do not leave the cat on the street!

The main thing - before you take your pet to the country, make the necessary vaccinations (enteritis, rabies and others).

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