How to set up Moose TV

You will need
  • instruction to the TV remote.
If you have cable TV, carefully read the instructions for setting up channels, then return Muz TV to its original place (if the channel has already been tuned). Set this channel either automatically or manually.
If these actions have not led to the results, call (or visit) the service company serving your television networks. There is a possibility that the reason for the disappearance (or absence) of the channel is a malfunction either in the system or in your television.
Call the service company also if, until recently, the channel was absolutely normal, and at the moment it does not “want” to return to its former place. Immediately after the call, wait for the employee to appear: he will have to check both the cable and the stability of the signal.
Do you have the most ordinary individual antenna? In this case, it simply does not cope with the remoteness of the signal (located far from the tower).Try to catch the signal by turning the antenna in other directions or drastically changing its location.
If you are using a satellite dish, then read its settings. If the channel has already been configured, the parameters are most likely just lost. If you're just going to install it, follow the instructions for the TV and satellite dish.
If Muz TV is “gone” from its place, compare the existing indicators with the standard ones. Go to the "Setup" menu (to do this, enter the code 0000). Immediately after this, select “LNB Setup”. Here you need to specify the name of the satellite, the lower and upper frequency of the channel. Compare the indicators of the missing Moose TV and one of the functioning channels, then record the data. Then set the same indicators as the current channel.

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