How to shoot "Twilight"

Tamara Sidorova
Tamara Sidorova
March 20, 2013
How to shoot "Twilight"

Like all other similar films, Twilight did not leave people indifferent. Some people liked them, but some did not, but those who were indifferent seemed to be left. The saga got its start, millions of viewers eagerly began to wait for the continuation. But, we are interested in something else, where and how Twilight was filmed.

Where did the movie

The first part, like most of the plots of the second and third films shot in America in the states of Oregon and Washington. By the way, on their border is the Kalama High School, which is known to us as the school in Forks, although it is located in Kalama. The very house of the heroine is located in the city of St. Helens, as well as the alley on which the hooligans attacked the girl. But the first Cullen house was built in Vancouver. Each part had its own house. A lot of scenes shot in the vicinity of Portland, especially nature, the nature there is truly gorgeous. Particular attention is attracted Stoné Cliff Inn. This is a terrace at the foot of the cliff. There were filmed scenes where Edward shows the glitter of his skin and the roe hunting. La Push Beach is close by.This is Indian Beach, it is located near the town of Canon Beach. Now you know where Twilight was filmed.

How was the shooting

Of course, fun. Let the first part say a lot of blunders, and the tricks are not very impressive, but it's interesting to watch. Of course, it is clear that Jacob’s hair is not real. It turns out that the wig was not only with him, but also with Alice. For flights used cranes, cables and climbing equipment. They also needed when shooting scenes at a ballet school. Remember the scene when the Cullens play baseball, and the "predators." So, a beautiful walk is obtained thanks to the treadmill. To make Bella's wounds look more natural, it took chicken meat and honey. Flickering of the skin is achieved using a computer program. During filming just black dots. Then the image is superimposed on the face with a special program. Naturally, not all the tricks the guys did on their own, and professional stuntmen worked.

I do not know about you, but I personally liked the movie. And the locations were chosen very well.

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