How to smelt an iron ingot in minecraft

You will need
  • - cobblestone;
  • - coal;
  • - stone pickaxe;
  • - torches.
Iron ore, which can be melted into ingots, is quite common in the game world. At levels 2 through 61, the highest concentration of this ore is observed. This means that you do not need to go deep underground to find it, it is very important in the first stages of the game. In addition, iron ore can be mined with a stone pick.
When going on an expedition for this material, take with you a few stacks of torches (in a stack of 64 pieces, this is the maximum possible number of items that can be placed in one cell of inventory, crafting or chest), several stone picks, a stone sword for protection and more food. There is always a chance that in the process of exploring the cave you will be carried away somewhere by the water flow, and your journey will be delayed. Iron ore veins are usually quite large, in each vein from five to (in some cases) up to fifteen blocks.Often, iron and coal ore are in the neighborhood, therefore, having dug a vein of the same type, try to remove the blocks nearest to it, which makes it easier to extract resources.
Iron ore vein
After returning home with the loot, first of all make the stove, for this in the workbench interface lay out 8 units of cobblestone, leaving the central cell empty. Install the stove, open its interface, put iron ore in the upper slot, in the lower coal. If you brought a lot of iron ore and coal, make a few stoves, so the process will go faster. After a few minutes, open the stove again and, holding shift, take the iron ingots.

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