How to speak clearly?

Distinct and clear speech can not fail to attract the attention of listeners. When, on the contrary, a person speaks quickly, swallowing sounds and separate endings of words, it becomes difficult to listen to him, and it is not very pleasant. We offer to learn ways to learn how to speak clearly and simply fascinate listeners with his speech.

To achieve a good result, irreplaceable helpers will be:

  • Tongue Twisters
  • books
  • poems
  • mirror


  • For a start, it is recommended to read more out loud. This will not only improve diction, but also broaden your horizons. For reading, you can choose books of any direction, as long as they are just a little informative. When reading do not rush to carefully pronounce every word.
  • Practice speaking in front of a mirror. Follow in reflection how your lips and tongue move. Try to remember the correct positions in which the sounds are pronounced most clearly.
  • To make the speech more intelligible, try speaking with a tune. Choose a melody you like and pronounce your actions to her in time.Of course, this method should not be used in public, but for home preparation it will work perfectly.
  • Recite the verses you studied. They will not only positively affect your diction, but also train your memory. You can start with small verses, memorized by heart. When telling each verse, watch for intonation and pauses.
  • Improve diction help and tongue twisters. It is better to use not those that you know from childhood, but new and more complex ones. To begin with, read the phrase slowly a few times, and then just as slowly try to speak it. If it worked out - accelerate the pace. Try to pronounce the entire phrase, not losing and not making mistakes in the words.

Grammatically correct speech

Knowing all the secrets to speak clearly is not enough. It is very important to be able to correctly and correctly build your speech. If you are sure that everything is in order with you, turn on the voice recorder and record your story, for example, about the day passed. You yourself will be surprised how many mistakes and repetitions you make.

A person who speaks illiterately ceases to be taken seriously. Whatever it may be, it can irritate the other person.In order to learn how to correctly and correctly state your thoughts you need:

Read a lot

In the process of reading, a person involuntarily learns to correctly construct phrases, fills up his vocabulary and improves his spelling. It is very important that reading is not a burden, but a real pleasure. It is better to abandon the Dontsova novels in favor of the classics or popular science literature.

Replenish vocabulary

If you have encountered a new word somewhere, try to find out its meaning and take note of it. It is also not necessary to abuse complex terms incomprehensible to others, they litter speech.


It is very simple and interesting to improve literacy with the help of simple games such as charades, crosswords, puzzles, intellectual and educational games.

Even with these simple tasks, you can quickly increase your literacy level and achieve good results. You yourself will not have time to notice how to speak clearly and competently will be quite a familiar occupation for you.

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