How to usefully spend ten days of New Year holidays

So that you do not waste time looking for interesting events, we have prepared for you a plan for each of the ten vacation days. One day is one fascinating place.

1st of January. Slowly we go to the cinema

Event:film screening

A place:favorite cinema


How to usefully spend ten days of New Year holidays

This is the only day in the year when you definitely do not need to hurry anywhere and you need to do what you really want. The most that we ask you to do today is to make a slow and pleasant journey to the nearest (or your favorite) cinema to watch the best day karaoke comedy, the new Star Wars or Quentin Tarantino's excellent film “The Viless Eight” .

January 2. We watch cartoons, walk at the fair and skate

Event:exhibition Watch Me Move

A place:VDNH

Time:from 11.00 to 21.00

How to usefully spend ten days of New Year holidays

Do not stay awake at home, in Moscow there is a lot of interesting. The exhibition “Watch Me Move: Legends and Faces of World Animation at VDNH” (Pavilion No. 15, “Radio Electronics”) is dedicated to the history of world animation.The exposition will introduce the main names of the animation from the authors of the first black and white cartoons to the leaders of the new wave of animated art house.

Do not forget that a huge ice rink works at VDNH! And until January 10 there is a Christmas market.

January 3 Create art

Event:interactive project “Art experiment. Visiting the artist »

A place:Museum of Contemporary Art "Garage"

Time:hour and a half sessions from 12:00 to 21:30

How to usefully spend ten days of New Year holidays

This interactive project "Garage" holds not the first year. Viewers become direct participants in the creative process. This year, two Russian artists, Irina Korina and Alexander Povzner, became guides to the world of art. You can see the wrong side of the act of creating a work and even take part in the process of creation.

4 January. We walk to fairs and listen to music

Event:concert in the cathedral "From Bach to Morricone. Organ and Duduk "

A place:cathedral of saints apostles peter and paul


How to usefully spend ten days of New Year holidays

Do not forget that on Monday the museums are closed, so it is best to spend this day in the fresh air. A skating rink in Gorky Park (as well as dozens of sites throughout the city) is at our disposal.After that you can take a walk in a tiny but very cozy fair at Museone. In the evening, go listen to Bach, Mozart, Grieg, Strauss and Morricone.

5 January. We admire a couple of Cumberbatch & Freeman

Event:screening of the film "Sherlock Ugly Bride"

A place:Center for Documentary Film in the Museum of Moscow


How to usefully spend ten days of New Year holidays

Within the framework of the festival “British TV Series in Cinema”, on January 4 and 5 in dozens of cinemas of the capital and many other cities we will be shown a new (and unique!) Episode of “Sherlock”. This time the events will take place in Victorian London.

On the show come early to walk around the Moscow Museum, there is just passing the Biennale of High Technologies.

6th January. Watch movie masterpieces on the big screen

Event:Showing films "Rocco and his brothers" and "Sweet Life"

A place:"Gogol Center"

Time:sessions at 2 pm and 6 pm

How to usefully spend ten days of New Year holidays

This can not be missed: in the "Gogol Center" show on the big screen classic movies. Recall that in “Rocco and his brothers” Luchino Visconti the young and beautiful Alain Delon plays truly Shakespearean passions, and in “Sweet Life” Federico Fellini before the eyes of Marcello Mastroianni sweeps a kaleidoscope of beautiful women ...

Jan. 7.We are going to visit the Moomin trolls.

Event:exhibition "The magician's hat: Moomin trolls and other heroes of our childhood"

A place:Gallery on Solyanka


How to usefully spend ten days of New Year holidays

The main family exhibition of winter, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the famous saint about the Moomin. You can see the video performance of Marina Abramovich, the work of media artist Marike van Varmerdam, the plush installation of Rostan Tavasiyev “Gravity. Distortion of space ”- sketch of the series“ Milky Way ”, light art objects by Sasha Lysov, video art on 35-mm film from Finnish artist Miya Rinne, interactive works by the Moscow duet MishMash“ The Garden of Stones ”and“ State of Real Estate ”, an interactive installation with a hat and Andrew Topunov's clouds, a special ski track from artist Elena Gubanova and a real Moomin Doll, created in 3D format by Olga Bozhko.

January 8. We go to the exhibition of Malevich and Serov

Event:exhibition "Under the sign of Malevich. Graphics from the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery "and" Valentin Serov. To the 150th anniversary of the birth "

A place:Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val

Time:from 11.00 to 20.00

How to usefully spend ten days of New Year holidays

Graphics by Malevich and the artists of his circle, presented in two sections, and one of the main projects of 2015 is an exhibition dedicated to Valentin Serov.If you did not have time to go to these exhibitions before, now is the time.

January 9. We are surprised by the poem Nekrasov

Event:play "Who Lives Well in Russia"

A place:"Gogol Center"


How to usefully spend ten days of New Year holidays

The play “Who Lives Well in Russia” in the poem by Nikolay Nekrasov is one of the most striking premieres of the end of 2015. Kirill Serebrennikov has shown that a new look at a work from the school curriculum can change its self and our attitude towards it. “To live well in Russia” will make me swallow, make me laugh, cry, surprise, knock you down, make love Nekrasov.

January 10th. Get acquainted with love stories

Event:excursion "14 stories about love"

A place:Gorky Park, at the Summer House of Count Orlov in Neskuchny Garden (entrance from Leninsky Prospekt between houses 18 and 20).


How to usefully spend ten days of New Year holidays

One of the projects of Gorky Park is a guided tour. The trip will be dedicated to the love relationships of famous people associated with this place: Alexander Pushkin and Natalia Goncharova, Catherine II and Gregory Orlov, Emperor Nicholas I and Alexandra Feodorovna.

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