How to store tulips?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
July 15, 2011
How to store tulips?

Flowers are a true wonder of nature. Such bright and fragrant, they make people's hearts fill with kindness and tenderness. Cutting off a couple of three colors, so you want to keep them in their true beauty for longer. Today, we will talk about how to save tulips.

How to store tulips: rules

It is no secret that the storage conditions for flowers should correspond to the natural conditions of their habitat halo as much as possible. Since this is difficult to achieve at home, perhaps even impossible, our task is to suspend the vital functions of the flower. To do this, you need the following:

  • Reduce the temperature of the room in which the flowers are stored. If your flowers are stored in water, then the optimum temperature will be 4 degrees above zero. Under these conditions, flowers are stored for 6-7 days. If the task is to preserve the flowers without water, then you need to wrap them in an air-permeable shell. It may be wet paper or a newspaper, for example.
  • How to store tulip bulbs? Experts suggest the following method.Freshly cut flowers must be wrapped in paper. Put the flowers in the water and put on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. If in the fridge there are fresh ripe fruits, then you need to protect the flowers from them. The fact is that such products produce ethylene, which accelerates the process of wilting of plants. After you get the flowers out of the fridge, do not put them immediately in the water. We need to give them time to warm up. Then, update the cut and you can put the flowers in a vase of water.
  • Flowers should be stored in a bright room. There should be no drafts. Flowers should be kept away from direct sunlight.
  • Remember that in whatever the right conditions were kept tulips, they will not stand as long as the flowers that were cut recently.
  • How to store cut tulips? Before you put the flowers in a vase, you need to process them. Remove the leaves from the stem of the flower so that they do not cause premature water damage. Wrap each flower in paper and place them for 2 hours in a cozy place. Water for tulips should be cool, as they do not like warm water. Change the water in the vase daily. Do not forget to constantly update the cut of flowers, because the stem is constantly lengthening.In order to keep the water in good condition longer, it is advised to throw a piece of coal or a couple of drops of potassium permanganate there.
  • Tulips love sugar, so many experts advise that a three-percent set of sugar should be added to the water for storing cut tulips. In order to avoid the appearance of putrefactive microorganisms in water, add a little vinegar or an aspirin tablet. Vinegar should be added in small quantities - one tablespoon of vinegar per liter of water.

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