How to stretch leather shoes?

Jana Kendysh
Jana Kendysh
January 15, 2013
How to stretch leather shoes?

You were presented with beautiful leather boots, but they are too narrow? Do not worry, the skin of animals, from which they sew shoes, tends to stretch.

Fashionistas have come up with many ways to stretch leather shoes, but, if possible, we recommend that you take boots or shoes to a specialist.

If this is not possible, then use one of the following methods:

  1. Apply a special tool for stretching shoes.
  2. Apply cologne on the inner surface of the boots, and then put them on a thick sock. Walk like this should be about an hour. After a while, the boots may shrink again. Then you can repeat the procedure. An alternative to cologne can serve as castor oil, boiling water, alcohol.
  3. Wrap shoes in a damp terry towel, put a box in a shoebox and tie a box in a plastic bag. So leave for the night. In the morning wear and walk. In this case, the shoes will take the shape of your feet.And, as experienced fashionable women assure, will not shrink back.
  4. You can put wet paper in your shoes or boots. So it should be left to dry the paper at room temperature. Attention! If you decide to speed up the process by putting the shoes on the battery, they will shrink even more.

It should be mentioned here that only genuine leather shoes can be stretched in this way. Shoes leatherette stretch is strongly discouraged. And for patent leather only the treatment of the inside with a spray is suitable.

So, from the article you learned how to stretch leather shoes at home. But, in the future, do not console yourself with illusions and buy shoes in size. So health and nerves will be fine.

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