How to take an infrared sauna

In order to get from the sauna not only pleasant, but also useful action, try to follow a few recommendations. Attend infrared booth 1-2 times during the week. This will be quite enough for the recovery of the body.
Before you visitsaunaavoid heavy foods. These are meat, smoked products, legumes, fried dishes. Make sure that the last meal was no later than 2-3 hours before visiting the infrared sauna. On the day of the visit do not take alcoholic beverages.
Immediately before entering the infraredsauna�take a hot shower. This will help to open the pores, as a result of which the purification process will intensify. It is desirable that the body during the session was dry, as water impairs the penetration of radiation. So bring a towel to wipe your sweat.
For a healthy person, it�s enough to spend about 30-40 minutes in the sauna.In case of illness, time is further discussed with a specialist. Acceptsauna�should be without undue haste, in 2�3 doses, during which the body warms up and has time to cool. The time of the first call does not exceed 10 minutes. If you have darkness in your eyes before this time has expired, you need to get out of the sauna and cool. If possible, drink herbal decoction, berry juice or tea with honey. Remember that for each person the duration of the procedures is individual. After the first warm-up, it is also advisable to take a cool shower for 1.5 minutes. The next warming up can last for about a quarter of an hour.

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