How to tie a case for an e-book

Technique knitting cover

The internal part of the cover should look like this.
 How to tie a case for an e-book
How to link case for an e-book
  • type the number of loops around the height of a book with a small allowance ohm,
  • two or three rows of knit knitting, so that the edge of the pocket does not bend,
  • we knit a canvas with a face equal to the width of the book. For the border, the extreme loops before the edge ones are made with garter stitch,
     How to tie a case for an e-book
  • continue to knit a canvas pattern length equal to twice the width of the book,
     How to tie a case for an e-book
  • to clarify the size of the length of the cover, bend the pocket, insert the book into it, and firmly sew the top and bottom of the pocket with a needle and thread. We sew just below the edge loops of the cover (F10) The book should fit tightly in your pocket,
  • finish knitting the cover with 2-3 rows of garter stitch for easy fastening of the fastener,
  • padding to protect the book from pressure or impact We sew or glue to the inside of the cover. You can use a synthetic winterizer, thin foam rubber or even fur with a short nap.
    How to tie a case for an e-book
    You can tie another pocket to the left and put thick cardboard or another pad in it.

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