How to tie a pullover?

In this article, "Ellhau" will tell you how to knit a pullover with knitting needles. Things related to their own hands are exclusive, because you don’t have to knit according to specified patterns, you can come up with your own models of pullovers.

Depending on your skills, you can knit a pullover with satin stitch, elastic band or various patterns and lasso. But even if you never knit patterns, you can easily do this by selecting the pattern of the desired pattern. In addition, you can make a pullover of various lengths, with a different shape of the neck and sleeves.

Yarn selection

The quality of your pullover will depend not only on your ability to knit, but also on the choice of yarn: you should not save on the quality of yarn. Let us dwell on several important parameters of the yarn:

  • Composition. It is better to give preference to natural fibers, they retain a good appearance longer. However, it is also worth considering when choosing a hypoallergenic yarn, for example, there are people who are allergic to wool.
  • Thickness. Depending on the thickness of the yarn, it is necessary to choose the number of the needles (this is indicated on the yarn label).Plus, when choosing a yarn, consider the pattern. Some patterns look better on thick threads, others on thin ones.
  • The colors of the yarn are diverse, the color of the product must fit you. Please note that the same yarn of the same color, but with different batches may differ in tone, check this point when you buy.

As you already understood, it is also important to choose the right knitting needles, if you do not really understand this, then follow the recommendations on the yarn label.


Before starting to knit a pullover, knit a control sample of 10 rows by 10 loops to determine the required number of loops for each part, if the knit is not knitted according to the finished scheme. Otherwise, follow the pattern.

Tying the sample 10 * 10, measure it with a centimeter, and calculate how many loops you need to dial for tying the back, front and sleeves, pre-measure yourself as well (or knit a person).

Often, the dimensions of the control sample indicate on the label of the yarn, if this information is found, then the sample may not be knit. If mating involves arcana, then please note that you will have to increase the number of loops to be dialed.


To obtain a pullover, you must link 4 parts: back, front, 2 sleeves. Easier to knit the details of the pre-prepared patterns.

The back and front fit in the same way except for the neckline: at the front it should be deeper. In addition, there are features mating women's and men's products. If you want to knit a female pullover with knitting needles, you can make it slim, and also tying the front end, you need to increase the loops on your chest. If you need to knit a men's pullover with needles, then the back and front should be the same, although in some cases the back should be wider than the front. In addition, do not think that the men's pullover should be absolutely simple. Men are happy to wear pullovers with various lasso, besides, they look much more interesting than a pullover knitted with satin stitch. Several models, how to tie a men's pullover, will find.

The tying of the neck should be started when tying the chuck earlier by a few centimeters (depending on the desired depth of the gate) than when tying the back. The depth of the gate on the back should be approximately 2 centimeters.In order to tie the neckline, mark the middle of the mating, and close the required number of loops (symmetrically from the center of the mating), thereby dividing your mating into 2 parts. Then knit them separately, diminishing in each front row the same number of loops in both knits, to get a round neckline (or triangular, if you wish).


The hardest part in knitting sleeves is the armhole. And in this case the pattern will help you. When knitting sleeves there are several nuances:

  • Armhole line of sleeves softer than armhole line of the front and back
  • And also shorter by the width of the shoulder sleeves.

In addition, men’s pullovers often use the “lowered shoulder” technique. In this embodiment, you do not need to knit armholes, simply by tying the sleeve from the bottom, you gradually add loops so that when you close the knitting, the width of the sleeve coincides with the width of the armhole front and back. Going here, you will find other options for knitting sleeves.

Assembly of the product

After all the details are connected. It remains to sew them with a needle or a crochet thread with the same threads that you knitted. And the final touch - tying neck.

Now you know the algorithm for how to knit a pullover, and by applying your imagination, you can knit a pullover not only for yourself, but for all members of your family.

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