How to Treat Tendonitis

Tendonitis treatment

Often the disease affects the junction of the tendon and bone. The disease does not have a specific age, it occurs in children and adults. However, people are more prone to tendinitis after forty and athletes who constantly load the same muscle group. The disease is treated in different ways; in severe cases, surgery may be required.
In the early stages, when the disease is just beginning to develop, you can get by with conservative methods of treatment. Patients are prescribed nonsteroidal drugs aimed at suppressing inflammatory processes; magnetic therapy is also used in the treatment. Some doctors advise making cold squeezes on a sore spot. During the period of treatment, the patient should be at rest and exclude physical stress on the affected place.
In case of acute tendinitis, the patient needs rest, but it is impossible to refuse physical exercises. The doctor will examine the site of the lesion and prescribe a special therapeutic exercise.To prevent pain during exercise, it is advisable to use bandages and bandages.
In chronic tendinitis, treatment cannot be conservative, since it will not be effective. Therefore, doctors resort to surgery. For an accurate diagnosis, the patient is subjected to a procedure using magnetic nuclear resonance. According to the study it becomes clear which areas have an abnormal impulse and require removal. During the operation, the patient is removed the damaged tissue and carry out a recovery procedure. If there is even the slightest hope that conservative treatment will help, the patient is given a full course of therapy. Only having completely convinced of its inefficiency, is the operation appointed.
After the operation, some athletes are forbidden to play sports for a period of more than six months. In general, the rehabilitation period lasts from 1 month to 3. During this period, the patient daily develops muscles, doing stretching exercises. So that the disease does not arise and does not lead to such consequences, it is necessary to carry out its prevention.

Tendonitis prevention

Before any physical exertion is required to warm up those muscles that have to work. To do this, just do a few exercises to warm up the muscles. If there is pain, when doing something, you need to stop and rest. In case of non-passing pain, doctors advise to abandon the committed actions, and contact the clinic for examination. When a person cannot refuse actions in which there is a constant load on one and the same joint, he needs to rest as often as possible, stretching the strained place. Only in this way can you protect yourself from such a disease as tendonitis.

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