How to update atypical configuration

Determine exactly which configuration of the 1C: Enterprise program is installed on your computer, since the ways of updating the configuration will be different. If you are using a typical configuration, then you just need to perform the action “Load modified configuration”. If you are the owner of a non-standard program configuration, then follow these steps.
Prepare to update the atypical configuration of the following objects. First, you must have the configuration itself installed. Secondly, find the typical configuration of the release that you use. Thirdly, you will need to find the typical configuration of the latest release of the version that you need to receive as a result of the update. Fourth, make a copy of the configuration file of your installed version of 1C: Enterprise.
Compare the configuration of the installed program and the typical configuration that corresponds to it. By displaying a detailed report, save the list of differences to a separate file.Make these differences in a new configuration. Next, compare the typical configurations (release, used by you and new, which will be received after the update). This is necessary to identify objects that change in the first configuration, and remain unchanged in the new model. To simplify and speed up the work, they do not need to be updated. Update the installed atypical configuration with the new sample release. Deselect checkboxes for objects that cannot be updated.
Open the resulting configuration, open a copy of the installed version and edit the file according to the list of changes. Make changes to the new file, referring to the sample. Thus, you will receive an updated atypical "1C: Enterprise" configuration.

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