How to update via the Internet 1C

Whatever the version of the program 1C, the method of updating is the same. Before starting the upgrade, back up the database. To do this, copy the folder with your database to any other directory of the computer or a removable disk. This action must be performed before each update, since the installation process may fail, complete or partial deletion of data.
Run the 1C program. It is required to open the program in the normal mode, not in the Configurator. Check the relevance of your database as of the current date. Use the command: “Menu” - “Help” - “About”. The number can be viewed in the “Configuration” section - it is a long set of numbers enclosed in brackets.
A list of current editions of programs can be found on the official website of 1C, in the technical support section of partners. Check your version with presented on this site. If you see that new releases are available, higher than yours, you will need to update the program.
Execute the command: “Menu” - “Service” - “Configuration Update”. The program itself will begin to prepare for the update, follow the instructions.
Login and password will be required. These data are provided to the user when purchasing a licensed version of the program. After entering the information, the update will start, which may take a long time. The program at this time may freeze, at the moment do not perform parallel actions on the computer.
When the finish command is displayed, you need to check the update number. Go to "Help": "Menu" - "Help" - "About". Check configuration release. If the number has changed and coincides with the current edition - this means that the updates have been correctly installed on your computer, restart it and continue working.

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