How to use the iPad?

The iPad is a modern mini-computer that contains a large number of functions: from viewing video files to calculating in Excel.

Let us examine how to use the iPad and what is its benefit.

IPad use options

Work tool

The iPad is, above all, a device for work. With it, you can not only take notes and count on a calculator, but also plan your day with a program planner.


iPad is a universal book, as this device can accommodate a huge number of works. You can download a whole library for one device.

A toy

iPad can also be used as a mini Sony Play Station by downloading and installing many interesting games. These games can enjoy not only you, but also your children.

If you have pets in the house, then they can install a program called Little Hiccup or Cat Sounds, even if the animal relax and have fun. After launching the Little Hiccup program, an arrow will move on the monitor, which animals love to catch.

Learning tool

If you download the iPad �Rules of the Road� or a foreign language course, you can at any time repeat the material studied or learn a new one.In addition, if you are studying in a university or in any other educational institution, then all materials can be downloaded on the iPad (textbooks, seminars, laboratory work).

Entertainment device

If you have tried all the previous options, then you should not forget that the iPad can be a TV, radio and even a drawing board, if, of course, you install the appropriate programs.

You can also use it to chat with friends and family using social networks and mobile devices such as Skype and Viber.

"Payment card"

If you have access to the Internet on your iPad, then you can make various purchases without any problems, just as you do from a regular computer or laptop. In addition, you can pay various receipts and bills. To do this, you need to connect the Internet banking service.


An iPad is also a good provider of news from around the world and other information that interests you: from weather forecasts, horoscopes to recipes and various scientific facts.


If you like to travel (or are often outside the zone), then you cannot do without an iPad, since there are many advantages here:

  • you will always be in touch;
  • You can also use the navigation if you accidentally get lost;
  • iPad will help pass the time in case of a long wait for boarding a plane or train;
  • Do not forget about the features that have been described above.

Applications for the iPad - a huge variety, so how to use your iPad, you decide. But do not forget that all these features are available only after installing the appropriate programs and applications on the iPad.

Application Installation

Applications can be installed using the App Store, after registering in the system. You will also need iTunes to install the offers (you can download it). After downloading the application will appear in iTunes in the "Programs" folder.

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