Leopard print is beautiful but dangerous

Predatory leopard print in clothes at all times caused a lot of controversy and controversial opinions, but attention to it never dried up and will not run out. The first mention of the use of such colors in clothing dates back to the times of Cleopatra, but in fact leopard dresses were worn by primitive women of fashion, because they sewed their dresses from the skins of these beautiful animals.
The popularity of the leopard print is unchanged, but its position is constantly changing - it takes all the world's leading catwalks, it suddenly becomes popular only in glamorous parties or among club regulars with bad taste. It is very easy to break such a precarious balance and go over the edge of vulgarity when using a leopard pattern. And this can be avoided only by strictly following the fashion trends and observing a sense of proportion in the selection of clothing and accessories.

How to wear a leopard print

Leopard print is, above all, an unusually bright and eye-catching fabric color.This print is widely used in the creation of coats, and in the tailoring of dresses, skirts, trousers and even in the manufacture of accessories. The most courageous ladies can afford to wear outfits that are completely made of fabrics with a predatory leopard pattern. Those who are his admirers, but do not risk completely dressing in such bright clothes, you can complement the image with a motley stylish accessory.
Owners of magnificent figures should be extremely careful with such coloring, as it visually increases the proportions, attracts the attention of others. Things with leopard coloring should focus on the merits of the figure, and not on its shortcomings.
In no case can a motley leopard be combined with other prints, for example with a pea, flower or geometric pattern of any type. It can be diluted with only one smooth color, but by no means flashy or dominant, let it be white, black or gray, beige or coffee and no other.

Where to go in "leopard"

The correct choice of cut outfit, shade of a leopard print and its volume in the ensemble make it truly universal.A light dress of this color will look great in a summer cafe or on the beach, and tight pants on a slim figure are suitable for a fun party. A stylish accessory with a leopard print in tone along with does not disturb the balance of the image even in the theater, in the office, at an official dinner with business partners, but only focuses the attention of others on his mistress.

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