How to wear a trendy beanie hat?

Know nothing about the beanie hat? You are mistaken. We will tell more, most likely, she is in your wardrobe. After all, this simple headpiece, which has been worn for several decades, this year has become a real fashion hit. Let's figure out what it is and what to wear it with.

Universality - the main horse

First, let's find out what the binie is. Under such an unusual name actually hides the most ordinary knitted hat, which can be supplemented with a pompon or visor. Initially, this piece of clothing was male, but women gladly borrowed it.

What is its versatility, you ask. The fact is that this simple thing is capable of completing many images. For example, give a bit of enthusiasm to strict sets and add a touch of fashionable carelessness to everyday bows.

Stars have long been chosen bini, putting it on with knitted dresses and sets with pants. After all, this is not just an ordinary hat, but a real stylish accessory.

This year, designers have abandoned the unusual decor and recommend choosing simple knitted models. The main "chip" - the top of the hat should be slightly raised (sticking out), as presented in the photo.

As for color, then the choice is yours. Classical black, brown and beige options will suit any ensemble, and vivid options will be an excellent accent of style kazhual.

It is better to wear such a hat with flowing hair or a low-knotted tail / oblique. If there is a bang, do not hide it. In this case, simply slide the cap further to the crown. The owners of curly and curly curls should choose a baggy option.

This wardrobe detail is also capable of visually correcting the features of the exterior. How to choose the right model with this factor in mind?

Chubby women with plump cheeks are recommended to choose models made from coarse threads, as well as variants with a lapel. They will visually reduce the volume.

Caps, tight to the head, suitable mainly for women with delicate features. But the loose styles will give rough features of tenderness and femininity.

We select a set

Now let's figure out how to combine beanings with other wardrobe items?

Model with a pompon. Do not listen to those who say that a hat with a pompon is suitable only for children and teenagers. Most likely, they have not seen a single fashion show this year. She can afford almost any woman, if you choose the right set of clothes.

For example, slim girls of short stature will look stylish in a gray oversize coat and boots on a low run. The rest of the fair sex should look at the dark or light pastel shades of the coat as simple as possible, then a bini of bright color will be an excellent and noticeable addition.

The black color of the headdress is combined with any outerwear - parks, short and long down jackets, sheepskin coats.

For those who value convenience and comfort in the first place, stylists recommend combining a hat with a long coat of straight cut, and sports shoes - sneakers or sneakers. Romantic girls will enjoy the ensemble with classic boats and fashionable pants-kullottami.

Bold women can afford to buy a model with animal faces, they look very funny, and at the same time, feminine.If you are not afraid of experiments and increased attention from passers-by, you can choose a bini with large geometric patterns or patterns.

Accessories and decorations. Perfectly combines female bean with glasses. They can be any - both sports, and classical in a large horn frame.

Those who want to add a touch of individuality to the headdress can decorate it with beads or stones.

You can even tie such a fashion accessory with your own hands, and it will take only a few hours. Well, if you do not possess such talents of handicrafts, you can always choose your favorite bini from a large assortment in stores. Enjoy the shopping!

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