How to zone rooms

Zoning of residential premises allows you to divide the total space into zones for different purposes. For example, in one room you can make zones for sleeping, work and leisure. It is easiest to zone rooms with the help of high furniture: cabinets, racks, shelves, bar counters.

Zoning the living room

Before delimiting the premises, it is necessary to determine the number and purpose of zones. If we are talking about the living room, then we must bear in mind that any part of this room should have bright lighting. And when you put a high cupboard across the living room, the part of the room that is remote from the window will be left without natural light. In this case, the chandelier will fully illuminate only part of the room.
Therefore, you will have to take care of installing additional lighting fixtures. An excellent solution to the problem in this case would be ceiling lights. But you can use wall sconces or floor lamps, they fit well into the interior of living rooms.
Also divide the living room into zones, you can use the bar. This option will be convenient for those who often invite guests. Although the bar is not necessary to use for its intended purpose. For example, it is possible to put tea-ware, vases with flowers, various figurines and decorative interior decorations on it.
A more ergonomic option zoning are partitions that have a height from floor to ceiling. With the help of partitions you can divide the living room into adjacent rooms. Partitions can be made of glass, drywall, plastic and other materials.
The most budget zoning method is the use of fabric curtains. If necessary, the curtains can always be moved to the side to open the separated part of the room. Also the curtains are easy to remove.

Children's room zoning

Children's room for a child of primary school age is usually divided into three zones: a bedroom, playroom and school, where there is a desk or computer desk. It is better to place the training area near the window so that the table is in the zone of natural illumination. And for the children's bedroom the best part of the room farthest from the window is suitable.The bedroom can be separated by a curtain of dense fabric that does not transmit light.
To separate the study area from the playroom, it is better to use a rack or cabinet. For example, you can install a tall cabinet at an angle to the wall, and on the side of the window, place a computer desk next to it.

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