Hulk coat hook

Having a child, willy-nilly, you have to improve your creative talents, and if there are none, then learn everything with your little discoverer. Superheroes, princesses, fairies and monsters are the main toys of modern children. Often the price of such heroes is extremely high, or they are not on sale at all. In this master class it is told how to create a figurine-hook for clothes in the form of a favorite hero (in this case, the Hulk), without spending money, everything you need for this is in every home. It is made from salt dough. You need to ask your child to be patient, as the process of creating a figure will take several days. Prepare for work 2 tbsp. flour, 1 tbsp. salt, 3/4 tbsp. water, a plastic knife, paints (watercolor is also quite appropriate), a brush, a simple pencil, a transparent varnish. Draw or print your hero’s A-4 paper.
Hook for clothes
Hulk clothes hanger

Preparing dough for modeling

Dissolve salt in water, mix with flour and remove in cold for 30 minutes. On a sheet of paper we outline the outline of the figure and fill it with a dough.
Hulk clothes hanger
Pre-pinch off a small piece of dough and put a hook on it, cover it with a second piece of dough on top.
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At the same time, the joints of dough pieces should be lubricated with water, for maximum gluing. You can go a simpler way - roll out the dough not less than 5 mm thick, cut a paper figure with a plastic knife, which often goes in a box with clay, and give the most correct contour.
Hulk clothes hanger
Why is it done on a paper sheet? Because in the process of drying the paper will give the deformation and get a textured figure. It is necessary in connection with the idea to get a relief figure of the Hulk. If you don’t have such a goal, it’s better to do it on a metal sheet (to give the princess’s skirt a fluffiness, use a thicker layer of dough in this place, like on the Hulk stone). The reverse side of the brush to make holes for mounting.
Hulk clothes hook

Drying the workpiece

You can put the workpiece in the sun and dry for at least 5 days, or you can use the oven. At a temperature of 80 to 130 degrees Celsius bake for 2 hours. Before you finish baking, knock on the form, it must be as hard as a stone. After that, it is necessary to remove the paper from the visible edges of the workpiece. And it is not necessary to tear it from the reverse side, it will serve as the basis of the product and will not allow the pieces to scatter in case of breakage. Sand the contour with fine sandpaper.
Hook for clothes
Hulk clothes hanger


Using a simple pencil, draw the outlines of pants, muscles. Uniformly, we paint the pieces of the figure in the right colors. To dry Then we add volume to the figure with neat strokes. We dry. We draw the face, fingers and muscles on the body in black.

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