Ideas for a date manicure

Preparing for a date, every girl dreams of creating the perfect image. And an important part of it is a manicure. We offer basic rules and some good ideas.

Nail preparation

Remember that an intelligent and serious guy or man will pay attention not only to the figure and face, but also to other details, including your hands. Therefore, the nails should be well-groomed and close to the ideal, and to do this, make a basic manicure without staining. Cut the plates, if they are too long, give them a nail file shape, polish them with a buff. And do not forget to remove the burrs and excess skin.

If the condition of the nails leaves much to be desired, then start the preparation in advance. Moisten the plates using a special oil or fatty nail cream. For several days, make masks and wax applications. Remove all irregularities, polish the surface. If these measures did not help, then the best option would be a gel polish, which will form a dense resistant coating and smooth out the relief of the plates.

Length and shape

In a fashion natural manicure, so strive for a natural form - round or almond-shaped. Elongation and sharpening are acceptable, but it is better to forget about the ultra-sharp “claws” that the fair sex liked so many years ago.

Particular attention should be paid to the length. Men like long nails, because they make fingers more refined and are associated with female sexuality. But still give up the extreme length: it is ugly, uncomfortable and vulgar. The golden mean is 2-4 millimeters.

Choose the right shades

Thinking about what a manicure to do on a date, first of all, decide on the color scheme. If you want to look as natural as possible, choose tones that are close to natural: pale pink, nude, sandy, coffee.

To make the image romantic, use the pink gamut, but not pale colors, but brighter ones, such as crimson, fuchsia. Pastel colors look gently and inconspicuously: pale blue, peach, light yellow, lilac.

Modern girls tend to be bright, and once again emphasize this quality, focusing on manicure, you can use ultrafashionable shades, the categories of which are mint, coral, purple.Looks fresh and pure white. Light colors, by the way, are universal, as they are combined with any length of nails, including short ones. On long nails of the correct form, rich deep tones will look luxurious: burgundy, cherry, dark blue, chocolate, burgundy.

Tip! You can choose a scarlet color, but keep in mind that the red gamma in men is associated with passion, so this call may seem unequivocal. As a result, the guy will unconsciously count on the continuation of the evening in an intimate setting.

Design Options

We offer successful manicure ideas for a date:

  1. Moon manicure is still relevant and is popular. It is unusual, but at the same time it is not striking and looks harmonious in any images. Bright marigold make contrasting tones. If you want to achieve naturalness, then use pastel gamma as a base, and make the hole white or milky.
  2. Romantic laces on the nails look gentle, but at the same time they talk about the sexuality of the girl, as many of the stronger sex are associated with beautiful underwear.By the way, for the sake of such patterns it is not necessary to contact a manicure master: you will make them yourself using a stamping kit.
  3. French also in the trend for several seasons in a row and, it seems, is not going to go into the shadows. The classics of the genre are natural light background and white edge. But you can choose a more original tone as the basis, adding it with the same white "smile".
  4. Floral motifs. Everyone knows that the fair sex loves flowers, which once again reminds you of a tender blossoming bud acting as the decor of the nail plate. But it is desirable to select one or two nails on each hand so that the manicure does not look too colorful.
  5. Virtually any shade will be perceived completely differently in matte design. Matte finish looks stylish, unusual, but not too fancy. But it requires perfectly flat plates, so take care of their preparation!

Helpful Tips

Finally, a few recommendations that will help prepare for a date and make the perfect manicure:

  • The rule according to which the color of the coating should be chosen to match the clothes has not been valid for a long time.Yes, and men do not pay attention to such details, and many, in general, do not understand the colors and the more combinations. Therefore, the range of manicure can be almost any. But make-up addition will be a good reception, so use similar or combined shades in make-up and manicure.
  • If the manicure is not combined with clothes and make-up, then add it with an accessory, for example, ear rings, bracelet, beads, pendant or stylish choker.
  • To always look stunning, choose a quality and resistant varnish. And to keep the coating for a couple of weeks will gel gel.
  • Can't decide? View photos from magazines or examples from a manicure portfolio.

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