In Vino Veritas: wine shades in clothes

The author: Anastasia

Creating a stylish image depends on the right combination of wardrobe items and shades. Not everyone by nature knows how to correctly and harmoniously combine the colors of clothing with each other, as well as possess taste. Color ensembles in clothes can cause difficulties, but you can try to learn to arrange colors harmoniously. There is a congenital taste, it can be acquired, but in either case it can be developed. No limits to perfection.

In 2017, burgundy, bordeaux and marsala are again relevant colors. I would say that the wine shades have already become classic for the autumn-winter period. Perhaps this is my vision and desire 🙂 but nevertheless, the burgundy color, as well as all its shades, initially look luxurious and attractive. I propose to get acquainted, and to someone to remember the rules for combining burgundy shades with other colors.

Marsala and Burgundy look great on a gray background. These colors are a bright accent of the whole ensemble:

If you want lightness and ease, then you can dilute the wine shades with mint, blue or coral:

Effectively and nobly Marsala looks on a beige background:

The combination of wine shades with blue denim is not bad in a casual way:

Burgundy goes well with shades of its pitch. Harmoniously looks a combination of wine color with hints of plum or purple. I would say truly royal combinations.

How do you like such a union?


Not all can stand the mono image in wine shades:

But their combination with black is quite capable of many: a non-dull look for every day.

Choose your wine shade and combine with the color that will be good for you.

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