In what area should I realize myself?

Hello Valeria! Since childhood, I liked to engage in creativity. I enjoyed dancing and singing. But I got an education as an accountant, because I listened to my mother, who did not want to let me go to study at the institute of culture in another city. I divorced my husband in March 2008, from this year my voice became hoarse. This year I have a voice. Will I be able to sing professionally? Or is it better for me to work in another field? Please advise. My name is Galiullina Sandra, I was born on May 22, 1973


Hello Sandra.

You can sing - this is really your realm.

You can drive up to me for a personal reception and I will sign in detail what exactly to do now.


It is necessary to think well.

Hello Danadana-05.

And what city are you from? Just if you really want to sing like that, then why not just go to vocal school?�She is in Moscow "Red Chemist", they say that there are quite good teachers and there is a chance to do this professionally later.

Well, why not ?! Actually, I think the vocals are a gift, but you can put it, it just takes a lot of time, but in general this is a very useful hobby for me, and interesting, of course)) But I've been interested in decoupage for the last couple of years, very interesting! You can also try, for example, a good store with materials�- and there is a lot of information for beginners, like that, etc., maybe you will like it too and get into it)))

do whatever you want, this is your life and not your mother.

You forgive me, but the question sounds a little confused.

You all can. You just need a great teacher and strong motivation. As you know, it�s only a matter of finding a special vocalist;)

Good luck to you!!!

Each girl can realize themselves in needlework. This is not a difficult task that does not require large investments. Tools and materials are not expensive, especially if you buy in Leonardo�however, it is highly appreciated, especially when you start doing truly unique things.

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