Influenza at school

The son goes to the 3rd grade, and an epidemic of influenza began in their school. I'm shocked, but it seems like the study has begun, but everyone has already gotten ill. How to treat, so as not to harm the immune system?


Honestly, you just killed me now. Now and the flu? Somehow it is very early. It’s over to start thinking about prevention, so as not to get infected in any way. The beginning of the year is such a trouble, I sincerely sympathize with you. This is certainly not normal (

it’s not too early, it's just time — it’s cold, very damp — the very hour for the growth and development of bacteria. My son is already half a grade with a cold. Now decided to hold it at home a couple of days. For the prevention of giving antiviral drugs!

It's too early for flu, usually in winter it starts - if I'm not mistaken. And where do you live, if not secret? What area? Simply, we are terribly afraid of this flu - and in every possible way avoid an epidemic.

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